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25 years ago: Lecompton fires dog warden

August 20, 2010


A statistical margin of error of 4.5 percent in the 1984 census figures meant that Lawrence’s population might have gone down, or it might have increased. The federal numbers showed the city’s population dropping by 110 people, and the county population losing 1,745 people, between 1982 and 1984. The Chamber of Commerce disagreed with this finding, saying that they based their opinion of the population on the number of people employed and on construction activity. However, there were no official plans to challenge the federal results.

A group of seven Lawrence residents representing the city, the Chamber of Commerce, and Haskell Indian Junior College appeared before legislative committee in Topeka to request support for a bill that would give federally-financed Haskell some state funding for the first time in the school’s 100-year history.

Lecompton’s new Dog Warden was fired after two months for “not living up to his agreement with the city,” said the city’s mayor. The job entailed collecting stray dogs and making sure dogs were licensed, but there were reports that the warden’s own dogs were unlicensed.


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