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100 years ago: Contraption allows streetcar passengers to pay as they enter

August 20, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for August 20, 1910: “ ‘Yes it is a very clever little device, but you men will have to step up front, you are blocking the passage.’ This and a few yards more of similar explanations marked the installation of the new pay as you enter street car in Lawrence last evening. Patrons climbing on the car found themselves confronted with a little glass box in which fares were to be dropped. It had a slot big enough to admit a mail order catalog and most passengers hesitated about dropping their ridiculously small coins in that great yawning cavern.... The vacation season for the students is rushing to its close and busy mothers are preparing the wardrobes of their daughters for another school year. Of course when the boys go away to school they only fuss about it the night before they leave, when a few necessaries are loaded at random into a trunk just before the train leaves. But in these days college is no place for a girl who expects to be ‘in on things’ unless her trunk contains a pretty complete supply of hand-embroidered lingerie silk gowns, party dresses and country club togs.”


Ruby81 7 years, 8 months ago

I would love to know what the "hand-embroidered lingerie silk gowns" looked like at that time.

Thank you for the great stories! I visit every day just to see what was happening 100 years ago in Lawrence!

Sarah St. John 7 years, 8 months ago

Ruby, I bet they were gorgeous! Of course they were having lingerie parties at the sororities, making fudge in a chafing dish, etc. (Yeah, I read old novels, can you tell?)

At least the guys haven't appeared to change their packing habits much.... our 19-year-old son said the description of "throwing things in the trunk at the last minute" still fits pretty well!

I'm so glad you like the stories. Thanks for your comment!

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