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Malnourished child found in De Soto attic

August 19, 2010, 11:18 a.m. Updated August 19, 2010, 4:16 p.m.


Rachel Perez, 26, of De Soto, is facing charges of child abuse and aggravated child endangerment after Johnson County sheriff's deputies found her malnourished, 6 year-old son confined in the attic of her home on the 8200 block of Center Drive.

Rachel Perez, 26, of De Soto, is facing charges of child abuse and aggravated child endangerment after Johnson County sheriff's deputies found her malnourished, 6 year-old son confined in the attic of her home on the 8200 block of Center Drive.

— A 26-year-old De Soto woman is in jail, facing charges of child abuse and aggravated child endangerment after authorities found a malnourished boy in the attic of her home.

About 5 p.m. Tuesday, Johnson County Sheriff’s deputies went to the home of Rachel Perez, who lives in the 8200 block of Center Drive in De Soto. The Sheriff’s Office said deputies were responding to the request of Perez’s grandmother, Patricia Moran, to check on Perez’s 6-year-old son.

Deputies checked the home but did not see the boy, and Perez told officers the boy was not there. At that time, Perez was arrested on an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license, issued by the city of Olathe.

About 11 p.m., deputies returned to the home, again at the request of Foster, and found the boy, whom they described as very fragile and malnourished, in the attic of the home.

The boy was transported by ambulance to a hospital and is presently in protective custody while being treated at Children’s Mercy Hospital. His condition is listed as critical.

Perez is being detained at the New Century Adult Detention Center. Officials said their investigation is continuing.

It is unknown how long the boy had been confined to the attic.

Perez has two other children and is approximately four months pregnant. The other children, girls ages 8 and 5, are in the custody of Perez’s father and stepmother in Bonner Springs. They are in good health, officials said.

Perez was charged with child abuse, aggravated child endangerment and driving with a suspended license at a court appearance Thursday in Johnson County District Court.

Her next court appearance will be next Thursday.

A previous version of this story incorectly stated that Perez's stepmother called Johnson County Sheriff's deputies.


cabella 6 years ago

omg a six year old with so much suffering in his life. This makes me want to cry.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

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jaywalker 6 years ago

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amrose42683 6 years ago

how is this even related to the story? not appropriate ....

flux 6 years ago

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Flap Doodle 6 years ago

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Practicality 6 years ago


If you scroll down through these comments, you will see plenty of names of people who argue incessantly with each other about all manner of things. You will see that none of them tried to change this topic to argue about politics or history or anything for that matter. Everyone just voiced their opinion about concern for the kid in the article and/or rage and disgust at the mother. What do you think it means about yourself that you do not possess the maturity to be able to recognize the solemnity everyone was treating this article with? I hope you learn from your mistake bozo, there is a time and a place for everything, this wasn’t it.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

I merely paraphrased the position you (and others) have taken in other very recent threads. Perhaps it's you all who need a little inner reflection.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

bozo and our petulant President make a fine pair.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

I know better than to expect anything like introspection from you snap. You're too busy stalking Merrill.

anonyname 6 years ago

Her citizenship status doesn't matter...she's not going to be having custody of him for a long time, regardless. (Nor should she!)

Lisa Rasor 6 years ago

Why would you assume she is illegal? Because of her last name? I'm hoping her kids will get good care now that they are away from her.

Lisa Rasor 6 years ago

That would be "disproportionate number", not amount, in the context in which you're using it. In any case, that assertion is a popular fiction.

Regardless of her citizenship status, I'm hoping all her children will come out of this okay.

cozy 6 years ago

Geesh, quit being so ignorant to think that they are illegal because of their last name. You don't even know if they are married or not. Grow up.

Mean_Green 6 years ago

We'll get her, don't worry. There's something special about catching scumbags involved in child abuse.

Mike Hatch 6 years ago

I bet that attic wasn't air conditioned. That poor kid sounds like he's been through hell. I hope he can get to the point of having a healthy body, mind and spirit. If he's not too far gone, the body part will be the easiest/quickest recovery.

seriouscat 6 years ago

Hopefully the concerned relative, who saved his life it looks like, is able to become the child's gardian.

Relative, if you are reading this, know that there are people out there praying for you and the boy (and that terrible mom too)!

Lisa Rasor 6 years ago

Only if that concerned relative is prepared and knowledgeable about caring for a child with a serious developmental disability, if it's true the boy has Down Syndrome.

Otherwise, he should go to qualified foster parents.

Rebecca Valburg 6 years ago

I'm confused. If he's got Down's, a relative should keep him, but if he's "normal" he should go into foster care? Someone was worried enough to call and harass the police into going back into the house for him, which I suspect was no small task, as if a mom says a kid is at a friend's house, most people don't jump to the conclusion that the kid is locked in the attic. Sounds like the mom might be a wack job, but he might have an aunt or cousin or something that loves him . . . and he's been through enough without ripping him away from everyone he knows if it's not needed. Let's not bash on HER parents, either - we don't know the story - if they gave birth to or adopted a child that's mentally ill (which it sounds like she is), it's pretty unfair of them to blame them. There's no amount of "good parenting" that can fix mental illness from a mom's fever, birth trauma, glitches during brain development, etc.

Lisa Rasor 6 years ago

Thanks, Py.

RichardCory, what I meant is I would hope the child is placed with someone who has experience caring for a child with developmental disabilities--whether a relative or someone else.

If not enough thought is put into this boy's care, he may end up in someone else's attic.

daffydina 6 years ago

I agree with you 100%. I have 4 young boys myself. I wish I knew what was going through this woman's mind when she did this. So that way there might be a way to stop this from ever happening again. Poor lil guy.

somedude20 6 years ago

thank you for not blaming this on Obama or Pelosi or pulling any of that other crap that you do 24/7

Thank you as I bet this was as hard as pulling off a full fledged Beatles reunion now

CHKNLTL 6 years ago

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WorkinGirl 6 years ago

Thank goodness the relative said something, and obviously made them go back a second time. One could only imagine what would have happened to that little boy.

bd 6 years ago

TOM! -Help my ass, she needs locked in the attic for a week or two!

nlf78 6 years ago

This poor little boy! I can't believe it, tears me up to read this.

There are no words to describe what should happen to this mother. Or too many words!

Amy Heeter 6 years ago

What the hell! Are people just losing their minds?

kernal 6 years ago

When you consider the population growth in this country the past 50 years, you bet there are.

jonas_opines 6 years ago

Perhaps it would have been more fitting to say that "per capita, I doubt the rate of crazies has changed too much."

TheEleventhStephanie 6 years ago

This is so sad. It reminds me of Genie:

I only hope he wasn't in there that long.

TheEleventhStephanie 6 years ago

Of course I'm not trying to justify the situation! What is your problem?

TheEleventhStephanie 6 years ago

Seriously, I am disturbed and offended that you would think anyone is trying to justify this situation. Good lord.

TheEleventhStephanie 6 years ago

ok, sorry for the misunderstanding.

I think you just hit "reply" to the one you want and it will show up right below. It has changed recently, I believe. Right now I am replying to your 7:31pm, so we'll see if that works.

CHKNLTL 6 years ago

What was the original appearance regarding? Crack charges? Seriously, if you don't want your kids, an attic is not the easiest option. There are plenty of hospitals to take them to, or a family member, or something.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

According to other sources she was arrested on outstanding warrants. Sh has two other young daughters and is five months pregnant. The boy is Downs and was found covered in feces.

Practicality 6 years ago

Thanks for the link Roe.

It stated in the link the boy weghed 20 pounds and had feces on his face. Terrible, just terrible.

Blessed4x 6 years ago

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Mike Hatch 6 years ago

20 pounds. Isn't that about what a ONE year old child should weigh? This is just disgraceful. I can't even begin to think about the feces on his face. I hope it wasn't because he was so hungry and desparate...

WorkinGirl 6 years ago

My daughter is six, she is average size, and weighs 44lbs. That poor lil boy is half the size he should be.

Lisa Rasor 6 years ago

Sorry, the proper way to phrase your sentence about the the boy is : "The boy has Down Syndrome" (no "s" in Down, and he has a syndrome, he isn't the syndrome).

RoeDapple 6 years ago

Thanks for the correction catiefan. I will use the proper terminology in the future.

cozy 6 years ago

This is why I question if there is a god.

It took me a year and a half to get pregnant with my daughter who was completely healthy and fine and everything and out of nowhere she stopped moving at 34 weeks. So I had her stillborn at ~7 1/2 months. We began trying again and have been trying for ~6 months and nothing.

I would have no problem doing horrible things to that woman.

Irenaku 6 years ago

Anyone have any ideas on how we can help this little boy? How do we find out where he is going to be placed, and for that matter, what of the other siblings and the unborn child?

kernal 6 years ago

Once a child is in custody of the state, you cannot find out where the child has been placed - that is for the child's protection. If the mom is in prison or jail when the unborn child is born, that child will also become a ward of the state. I hope SRS will be take a real hard look at the family before they place any of the kids with relatives.

avhjmlk 6 years ago

kernal is correct. My educated guess would be that this child spends a significant amount of time at CMH before he goes anywhere. Recovery from malnutrition, near-starvation, and prolonged heat exposure takes time, and that doesn't even factor in whatever other kinds of intervention he also needs.


kernal 6 years ago

Did the system let this child down? Someone in Johnson County, other than the grandmother, had to know about this child. She was probably getting aid for dependent children since she is a single mom of three and I bet the boy was on Medicaid due to his special needs.

Where were the case workers? I know there have been cutbacks, but is there no follow up on disabled children?

daffydina 6 years ago

She told people he was living with his father somewhere in Missouri.

Bunny_Hotcakes 6 years ago

According to the KCTV5 article about 5 months pregnant. Fantastic.

verity 6 years ago

It seems to me that in our legal system the rights of the parents are more important than the rights or well-being of the child. Maybe we should all write our legislators about changing the laws on this. There are times when loving families want to adopt a child, but if the abusive parent(s) won't give the child up, it becomes very difficult.

Also cutting back funding of agencies who work with child abuse often makes it very difficult for follow up on these sorts of things. And how many times have any of us wondered about something going on, but not wanted to interfere. With a neighbor or friend, that can be a difficult decision to make.

Ricky_Vaughn 6 years ago

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TheEleventhStephanie 6 years ago

She also needs to have feces smeared on her face and be starved and locked in an attic.

compmd 6 years ago

The more I look around and the more bizarre news I see like this, the more I think sterilization should be a sentencing option.

wdl 6 years ago

This woman needs to be processed through the leagal system as her crimes would dictate. The bigger problem in my mind is with a little help she can have another child. If she can't be treated with sucess she could repeat this again, with much darker results. This little one was lucky enough to have a relative that was on top of it and kept the authorities on top of it. Hats off to who ever that was!

Danimal 6 years ago

You know, I'm as big a fan of individual liberty as anyone, but some people clearly shouldn't be allowed to have children. This is truly awful, basically inhuman.

redmorgan 6 years ago

OMG! This is just awful. At least they found him before it was too late. He'll receive medical attention and not be returned to his crazy "mother". Poor, poor little boy.

Ricky_Vaughn 6 years ago

What was wrong with my comment? It wasn't vulgar...

domino 6 years ago

Around 30 some years ago, in the small area I grew up in, a fairly young woman in the area kept having children about once a year - they were not treated correctly and the state would take the child away - they next year, the same thing would happen again. After 4 or 5 children being taken away, the County Health Department went thru the legal system and somehow had a court ordered sterilization done on the woman. Have never heard of it before or since, but I'm thinking this could be a good time!

fiercesomeus 6 years ago

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Kelly Johnson 6 years ago

I'm surprised the law enforcement officers didn't insist on doing a thorough search of the residence while they were there the first time. If the point was a welfare check on the child and the child wasn't there, they still didn't know the status of the child's wellbeing. I'm still so glad they found him and can get him the help he needs.

geekyhost 6 years ago

I'd prefer they didn't post pictures until the conviction or at least the trial. Not that she's probably not guilty as sin, but in this country we do have due process, and I'd hate for even one innocent person to have their mug all over the paper attached to a horrible crime they didn't commit.

matthewjherbert 6 years ago

imagine that...someone has three children by the age of 21 and is a bad mother. Huh.

LovelyAngel315 6 years ago

Ahem, I got pregnant with my first child at 16, my second at 18, and my third child when I was 21. I am now 23, married, work full time (as does my husband), and am a great mother. I graduated high school a year early and had my Associates degree at 19 and graduated summa cum laude. I lived on my own with my daughter at 17 and did not get help from my family. Please do not assume that someone who makes mistakes when they are young cannot step up and take on the responsibility of their actions. If you met me, you would never guess me to be my age. I love my children dearly and would never have changed a thing.

My oldest is 6 like the boy in the story, and it makes me absolutely sick to imagine what he must've gone through.

Lisa Rasor 6 years ago

You've been schooled, matthew...

Lovely, Thank you for the reminder that it's unwise to make blanket generalizations/assumptions.

slang4d 6 years ago

I don't want to assume her family is like her, but if they knew anything at all about how the boy was being kept, why didn't they offer to take care of him? Clearly she did not want the child and was essentially trying to murder him. This comes on the tail of the story about the woman in South Carolina who murdered two of her children presumably because she wanted to be free of the responsibility (and was an evil moron, clearly), in those cases why don't the women give their children to the state? Foster care is surely better than torturing or killing them!

SofaKing 6 years ago

No one is wondering about the father of these children?

SofaKing 6 years ago

The woman in South Carolina who murdered 2 of her children had 3 children, but where was the father? Sometimes the responsibility of caring for young children, being poor, not having a job, being confined to your home, can make a person do crazy things. But where are the men who got these women pregnant??

boater63 6 years ago

thank god shes not in douglas county court system cuz they would just slap her hands and give her 2 years probation and give her kid back to her

bearded_gnome 6 years ago

forced sterilization. it would be stooping to her level but part of me wishes they'd do it without anesthesia.

I also wondered about the sludge males (not even qualified to be considered "men") who impregnated this woman four times! trace 'em and find 'em. charge them too.

saddest part of this: Down Syndrome kids are typicaly sweet and caring.

this shred of a woman was way beyond just trying to get rid of the boy. something seriously mental. he reminded her too much of his baby-daddy and she abused the kid for it?
this isn't the first case where a "mother" has picked out one sibbling for torture and exile, famine and abuse while other kids are all right.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

It might help if the laws that define "child abuse" were looked at. What can be defined as "parental chastisement" the day before a child turns 18 is defined as "assault" the day after.

Armored_One 6 years ago

Chemical sterilization my (expletive deleted)!! Give me a kitchen knife and a pair of rusty needle-nosed pliers and I'll make it permanent.

This is why public punishments deserve to be done. There might be no level of pain sustainable by the human mind to equate to what that child endured, but starting with a scourge would be perfectly fine with me. Hells, I'll volunteer to swing it. I might have a bum shoulder, but I will play through that pain for however long it takes to break this woman's sanity.

Vlad Tepech would roll over in his grave and puke if he watched what I would do to this woman given half a heartbeat.

amesn 6 years ago

Reading this made me come very close to actually throwing up. And yes gnome DS kids ARE sweet adorable little kids! But even if they weren't NO child, I repeat NO CHILD should EVER have to suffer like this! I just went in and quietly hugged all 3 of my babies extra tight...I hope the nurses will give this little guy tons of love while he recovers. My heart is aching badly after reading the paper tonight online :(

TopJayhawk 6 years ago

I see this almost everyday. And SRS, KVC whomever will indeed probably at some point give the child back.. I almost throw up daily at what I see. I have no problem with forced sterilization.
NOt to bring politics into ths, (as it cheapens the seriousness of this) but they tried to bring the sterilization thing into play in California. It was shot down, by liberals as demeaning, and insensitive to all the heroin addicts that were squirting kids out left and right, and abandoning them.
I mention this as a historical reference.
She should be jailed and sterilized,,,period. All of her children should be taken, and never given back. But that will never happen. The courts feel that a bad bio-Mother is better for the child than foster care.

TopJayhawk 6 years ago

edjayhawk. I'm very sorry to hear about your violent upbringing.
Kudos to you for getting through it, and by all accounts having a successfull life. I only hope you have found the happiness that eluded you as a kid. Children should be raised in a safe structured, predictable mileau. Nothing else is good enough.

BruceWayne 6 years ago

KCStar has updates.(of COURSE they do) The attic did not have AC. The attic was covered in mold and feces. The child was sleeping in insulation.These things I share because everyone needs to know what a monster this woman is. I am sure this woman is being held in ad seg in Johnson county. As soon as she gets into the state system word will get out and she will pay for this crime. Thank GOD for the stepmother...

Brad Maestas 6 years ago

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Fill 6 years ago

Something like this does NOT just happen.. This Had to have been going on for quite some time.. And , In this day and age (so easy to get hold of anyone) This should Never Happen.. I do hope the baby she is carrying is put up for adoption.. And if sterilization were ever necessary ~ This one does!!

TheEleventhStephanie 6 years ago

They found a child locked in this woman's attic. I hardly think she deserves the benefit of the doubt.

creaz 5 years, 9 months ago


creaz 5 years, 9 months ago


creaz 5 years ago

s0 how about updates on this sick female dog ljWORLD?¿‘???

creaz 5 years ago

s0 how about updates on this sick female dog ljWORLD?¿‘???

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