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100 years ago: Fairgoers will no longer have access to public drinking cups

August 19, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for August 19, 1910: “When Douglas county people come to the annual fair in Lawrence next month, there will be no tin cups attached with a chain to a barrel of ice water. The law forbidding public drinking cups on railway trains and public buildings, has been extended to include county fairs. ‘We will provide the usual number of barrels with big chunks of floating ice,’ said Elmer Brown yesterday, ‘but I guess the fair visitors will have to bring their own cups. We are sorry, but the condition is one which we cannot cope with.’... The little wooden horse of the four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Adams, 1132 New York street, carried him a long ways from home last evening. Mounting his lath steed about four o’clock he was carried as far as the Santa Fe depot where he was found crying and supperless by Officer Dailey about 8 o’clock. The little lad had toddled more than a mile and still clutched the neck of his steed in his chubby tear stained hand when found by the officer. He was able to tell the big friendly blue coat that he had had nothing to eat for ever so long but he did not remember his name nor where he lived. An inquiry phoned to headquarters brought the information that he had been lost since early in the afternoon and that his parents were almost frantic.”


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