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100 years ago: Thirsty horses appreciative of new fountain

August 18, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for August 18, 1910: “The driving horse of John Ise, humane officer, was the first to drink from the new granite fountain after water was turned on yesterday. It was closely followed by others and before the day closed the buggies in the neighborhood had learned of the new watering place and were trotting on frequent visits to the little round founts at the base of the big fountain.... The day is being cut off at both ends in big slices now. The daylight hours are shortening rapidly and the sun is becoming a late riser. ‘A month ago I got up at 5 o’clock in broad daylight,’ said a hackman today. ‘Now I still get up at 5 o’clock, but I have to take a lighted lantern to see to curry my horses.’... A monster head of cabbage, weighing approximately 14 pounds, is on display today at the seed house of W. J. Busch. It was raised by a gardener living west of town. It is not unusual for winter cabbage to attain this size, but the summer variety seldom weight more than 8 pounds. Also, C. H. Hoyt of Blue Spruce farm brought a monster peach to the World office today. It is of the Elberta variety and measures ten and a quarter inches around the largest circumference. Around the shortest diameter the fruit is nine and a half inches.”


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