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25 years ago: Commissioners review site plan for Dillons at 6th and Lawrence

August 17, 2010


City commissioners were reviewing a site plan for a Dillon “super store” proposed at Sixth Street and Lawrence Avenue. Plans called for a 24-hour store offering a pharmacy, flower shop, seafood shop, deli, bakery, salad bar and a video rental center. Area neighbors had sent letters requesting more screening between the proposed store and their homes on the north side of the property.

A glowing orange sunrise was overwhelmed by a thick layer of thunderclouds rolling over Lawrence early in the morning. The monthly rainfall amount, already well above average, was increased by another .40 inch during the early morning storm, which also dropped some pea-sized hail. The lawns of Lawrence, usually crispy by mid-August, were lush and green, and residents were having a little trouble keeping their lawns mowed between rains.

Employees at Hardee’s restaurant, six miles east of Lawrence on the Kansas Turnpike, reported a car on fire in their parking lot, right next to their building. After alerting the KTA dispatcher to send a fire truck, the employees used six fire extinguishers and a garden hose to keep the fire under control.


Sarah St. John 7 years, 10 months ago

This was the summer before I moved here, but from everything I've been reading, it was one of our wettest Augusts ever. I can hardly imagine it. When I wrote that the lawns were usually "crispy" by mid-August, a vision of our own dry lawn and garden (in this current year of 2010) rose before my eyes.

Then I turn to August 1970 (for the 40 Years Ago) and see that poor Lawrence was suffering from a drought that summer, with no appreciable rain for more than a month, 100-plus temps, etc. (until a real toad-strangler dumped a ton of rain on the area later this week).

You can complain about a lot of things about Lawrence, but you really can't complain about the lack of variety in the weather!

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