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Firefighters pinpoint cause of Saturday afternoon fire

August 16, 2010


Fire investigators say clothing left near a lamp caused a Saturday afternoon fire at a house near the Kansas University campus.

Cause of Ohio Street fire determined

The fire that broke out at an Ohio Street residence was caused by clothing left near a lamp. The fire caused about $75,000 of damage. Enlarge video

Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical Division Chief Eve Tolefree said investigators determined the accidental fire caused an estimated $75,000 in damage — mainly to the upper floor unit at 1030 Ohio.

The house is divided into two units. Firefighters battled the blaze in 100-degree temperatures Saturday. None of the tenants was home during the fire.

Tolefree said one firefighter suffered a heat-related injury and two other firefighters were treated for abrasions. All three of the firefighters were treated and released from Lawrence Memorial Hospital, she said.

Jane Blocher, executive director of the Douglas County chapter of the American Red Cross, said the two tenants in the downstairs unit were in the process of moving, so a majority of their belongings were not inside. They declined help from the Red Cross.

Blocher was scheduled to meet Monday afternoon with the two residents of the upstairs unit. They have a place to stay and would likely receive Red Cross financial assistance for food and clothing.


stuckinthemiddle 7 years, 9 months ago

I think we're going to need a jackass interpreter...

Ricky_Vaughn 7 years, 9 months ago

Definitely not english! Possibly jackassian or moronese...

Jcjayhawk1 7 years, 9 months ago

Maybe Daniel Clouse shook some student so hard that their cigarette fell out and lit the place on fire.

"None of the tenants was home during the fire."

None of the tenants WERE home during the fire.

CarolineTrowbridge 7 years, 9 months ago

Jcjayhawk1: According to the AP Stylebook, none usually is considered singular -- short for not one. That's why we used the singular verb "was." Hope this explains our use!

Here's what the Stylebook says: "none: It usually means no single one. When used in this sense, it always takes singular verbs and pronouns: None of the seats was in its right place. Use a plural verb only if the sense is no two or no amount: None of the consultants agree on the same approach. None of the taxes have been paid."

— Caroline Trowbridge, assignment director

Brent Atwater 7 years, 9 months ago

While I agree to a point your interpretation of the usage of "none", doesn’t the use of “tenants" make the sentence plural and therefore use "were" as noted by another poster?

studentassistant2 7 years, 9 months ago

The noun (in this case "tenants") that follows the subject doesn't make a difference on which verb you use. It would be the same as if it said ONE of the tenants was there. You can take out the "of the tenants" and the verb used should still be the same. So they were correct in using "was".

IDfend4U 7 years, 9 months ago

So firefighters save a building and people bring up what Clouse is 'accused' of still? Really?

I have an idea... why dont we fire all of the firefighters because they all are horrible people... that's what the paper, bloggers and posts tell us. It will be much easier for the LJW to report... "Another fire and everything was lost" rather than "firefighter went to ER saving lives, pets and home".

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