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100 years ago: Man recommends medicinal qualities of whiskey as 100th birthday approaches

August 16, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for August 16, 1910:

“John Gilliland of Willow Springs township will be 100 years old September 3. Mr. Gilliland works every day. Yesterday he was swinging a scythe most of the afternoon in an orchard he set out by himself three years ago. He says that he has never dieted and has always eaten what he liked. A 2-gallon jug of whiskey ‘treated’ with herbs always has been in the house and this he accredits as being the best medicine he has ever taken. His enthusiasm on politics often causes him to digress and dwell upon the virtues of his three political heroes, Jackson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. Mr. Gilliland always has been a strong Democrat. Lincoln was a Democrat, but didn’t know it, he says, and Roosevelt is a Democrat, but won’t admit it.... The roller coaster, or ‘Dip the Dip,’ the new amusement feature being constructed at Woodland Park will be completed and ready for its initial tryout on September 25. The substantial steel and wooden framework stands 50 feet high in the air. The little cars will start near the exhibition building and will carry their cargo of shrieking passengers out to the south and back again. It is one of the finest amusement features to be found in any western park, and when completed is certain to be the rage among park patrons.”


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