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Seed spitters give it their best shot

Dalton Vesecky, 13, launches his watermelon seed under the watchful eye of seed supervisor Dave Maycock on Saturday at the Vinland Fair. Dalton won first place in his age group.

Dalton Vesecky, 13, launches his watermelon seed under the watchful eye of seed supervisor Dave Maycock on Saturday at the Vinland Fair. Dalton won first place in his age group.

August 15, 2010


They won the competition but couldn’t really tell you why or how.

Bafflement highlighted the attitudes of the winners at the Vinland Fair’s fourth annual watermelon seed-spitting contest.

Eight-year-old Keagan Shockley, of Eudora, took first place in the 6- to 9-year-old category in her first ever seed-spitting contest.

“I just kind of leaned back” and spit, Keagan said.

Asked how he took first in his age division, 13-year-old Dalton Vesecky, of Vinland, couldn’t really pinpoint a particular strategy either.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I have more breath?”

But he owes some of the credit to his sister, who was standing at the end of the spitting lane.

“I aimed for her,” he said.

Either way, Dalton’s mom, Joanna, beamed with the joy of her son’s success.

“It’s a proud moment,” she joked. “At least he beat the girls.”

The contest was started by Barbara Maycock and her husband, Dave, four years ago. Barbara said she came up with the idea after finding some dollar T-shirts at a store that depicted a watermelon seed-spitting contest. She thought such a contest would be the perfect place to offer the T-shirts as prizes.

The rules for her version of the contest are pretty simple. Contestants in eight divisions step up to the Vinland Fair stage and get three watermelon seeds to spit. They let ’em fly, and the farthest one counts. The only caveat is that the seeds must remain within a 4-foot-wide lane on the stage, so aim matters.

The event has caught on; dozens competed Saturday, including a handful of adults who battled it out in the over-21 division — many after watching their children compete. The kids won T-shirts and popsicles. The adult winners took home a bottle of Boone’s Farm watermelon wine.

So can we call the Vinland Fair’s watermelon seed-spitting contest a tradition?

“It is now,” Maycock said.


sad_lawrencian 7 years, 8 months ago

@Pywacket: My remark is more a commentary about the article itself than the event in question. This article doesn't even tell you where the Vinland Fair is.

Anyway, I AM from Kansas and very attuned to all the benefits of this relatively flat, treeless state. We have:

--four seasons --a central location so any part of the continental US is reachable by car in within a day or two --low cost-of-living --low taxes and the quality of our higher education is great for such a small state (population wise; we have six state universities which is remarkable, and 19 community colleges...)

Anyway, I went to grad school in Connecticut, and moved back, and I do appreciate life in Kansas. It is not too hot for me (it never seems hot to me at all, not even in the middle of July) and we do have woods and lakes here if you look hard enough.

There's nothing at all wrong with McDonalds, video games, or thumb exercises. I love all those things, particularly because I don't have children and therefore would never be subjected to someone like yourself telling me how to raise them. I wouldn't mind if my (nonexistent) kids DID play video games indoors all summer long whilst eating McDonalds. That's every bit as American as chicken noodle dinners (ew!), watermelon seed-spitting and your value judgments as to what's "right" or not.

So if you're "not particularly fond of Kansas", you can take that right back to Wisconsin (or where ever you came from) and have a nice day. :-)

sad_lawrencian 7 years, 8 months ago

Wow... I am really trying to sort out your response... I'm not sure your parents or English teachers ever had the opportunity to teach you to organize your thoughts prior to writing... your six paragraphs (six!) are what I'd call a mishmash, a mélange, a jambalaya of noxious comments. I must have really touched (or smashed with a ball-peen hammer) a nerve with my fairly coherent and insult-free response to your original comment.

you just gave a very good demonstration of what IS wrong with Kansas

I didn't say there is anything wrong with Kansas. Since when are McDonalds and video games bad? And I am certain that Kansas is not the only state where children eat fast food and play Mario Bros.

Classic passive-aggressive setup, by the way

If that is what it was (I would argue to the contrary), you fell for it hook, line and sinker, no?

I am immensely relieved to learn that no one has mistakenly procreated with you

I see you are prone to making insults of a very direct and personal nature against someone you don't even know. Considering that many people struggle for years to be able to conceive, I would assume you are not one of these people; if you were, you would not be lodging such insults at a complete stranger. I would certainly never say anything so repugnant to you, and in this vein I can only remark, how dare you?

History will record that it was you, not me, who went for the sucker punch, the back stab, the blind shot, the shot in the back, the low ground.

KS...will never have the beauty of my home state and the climate is hardly ideal.

It sounds like you are here against your will, perhaps stuck in a job, marriage or relationship that's preventing you from moving to a place of your liking. If you really dislike Kansas as you say you do, I would recommend that you consider moving. Then your chances of spewing forth on forums such as this (4,415 comments!) will be greatly reduced, and those of us who DO like Kansas (and live here) will not experience the unpleasantness of reading your idle (and again, somewhat disorganized) ruminations.

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