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Improper disposal of charcoal cited as cause of overnight shed fire on Tennessee Street

Police shut off the 1300 block of Tennessee Street to deal with a fire that caught in the backyard of 1315 Tennessee Street.

August 10, 2010, 12:45 a.m. Updated August 10, 2010, 2:05 p.m.


Flames jump higher than the fence in the backyard of a house on Tennessee Street.

Flames jump higher than the fence in the backyard of a house on Tennessee Street.

Fire caused by improper disposal of coal

The cause of a fire in the backyard of a Tennessee Street house was determined today. Enlarge video

The improper disposal of charcoal briquettes caused a fire that burned down a storage shed minutes before midnight Tuesday at a home in the 1300 block of Tennessee Street, a Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical spokeswoman said.

Division chief Eve Tolefree said the fire caused an estimated $2,000 in damage to the outside shed but never reached the house, 1315 Tenn., on the property.

Nick Boehm, a Kansas University senior from the Kansas City area, was outside walking his dog when he saw flames in the backyard of the house.

"There were like four or five small explosions while I was on the phone with 911," he said. Boehm, who lives in apartments next door to the fire, said the flames were as tall as the trees before fire fighters were able to extinguish them.


cheeseburger 7 years ago

Spontaneous combustion? Not likely. Arson or fireworks-related? Probable.

Stuart Evans 7 years ago

but now at least you know that you're not always right.

kernal 7 years ago

My first thought was someone threw a lit cigarette over the fence until I read the third paragraph.

Speaking of, perhaps LJW could look into doing a short story on KS law for benefit of those who throw lit cigarettes out their car windows, and elsewhere, that cause fires.

verity 7 years ago

Yes, wonderful idea. Not just the law, but what happens when someone does that. Many extremely serious fires have been started that way.

Never, never, ever throw a cigarette butt out a car window or onto the ground. Did I say never, ever? One spark is all it takes to start a hugh fire.

fan4kufootball 7 years ago

People throwing cigarette butts from car windows is my biggest pet peeve ever! Smoking is ones own choice and if you so choose to smoke in your car please keep your butts in the ashtray until you can properly dispose of them. Thanks sooooo much!

cozy 7 years ago

Not everyone's car has an ashtray. I had a 96 Civic that did not have an ashtray and I have an 05 Crapolla that does not have an ashtray either.

No, I do not smoke. Nice try.

areyouserious 7 years ago

Students are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacck!!!!!!!!!!

Practicality 7 years ago

Some college doper passed out smoking on his "J" is more than likely the culprit.

broadpaw 7 years ago

Never knew a BBQ, cigarette or college doper to cause "four or five explosions" as the eyewitness stated. College doper and leftover fireworks, maybe...

Jonathan Kealing 7 years ago

I believe the charcoal caught some propane tanks, which caused the explosions.

whatadrag 7 years ago

The google maps GPS-rocket-strike add-on is in beta testing

Practicality 7 years ago

Thats easy to explain broadpaw, you see, the college doper was also a chemistry student. After receiving his/her student aid check, he/she went out and purchased all of their highly combustible class supplies for the semester, along with a little "grass" with the left over aid money. Moral of the story. . . . .

Marijuana and chemistry do not mix!

Or it could have been propane gas from a stove or BBQ grill and a hot water heater that caught fire from a college doper who is a philosphy major. Moral of the story. . . .

Marijuana and philosphy do not mix!

slowplay 7 years ago

Sounds like you were stoned when you wrote this.

Stuart Evans 7 years ago

practicality has this misconstrued idea of what a marijuana user is. He/she envisions Shaggy or Tommy Chong.

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