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100 years ago: Landlords asked to report KU students drinking alcohol

August 8, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for August 8, 1910:

“Gone, all gone, are the good old days when the accommodating landlady permitted her rah-rah roomers to convert one corner of the refrigerator into a miniature bar room. If she finds some flat flasks hidden under the study room rug, or some round ones between the mattresses, she may not smile indulgently and say, ‘Oh, those dreadful boys.’ Not now. She must march straight to the telephone and call up the university authorities. Such is the content of a bulletin sent out from the university last week to Lawrence rooming houses and boarding clubs. This verges perilously near a spy system, and its successful enforcement is a question of speculation.... If the matter of holding Sunday base ball games should be submitted to the voters of Lawrence they would be prohibited by a three to one vote. Lawrence is essentially a moral town and in the past the knowledge of that morality has been one of her greatest assets. It is true that there is no law to prevent holding Sunday games but those interested in the welfare of the city should have the good judgment to see that Lawrence has much to lose and little to gain from a desecration of the Sabbath.”


statesman 7 years, 8 months ago

Did this original article really refer to it as a "refrigerator"? Back in 1910, electric refrigerators were not in homes. Most homes were still using iceboxes, cooled with blocks of ice. And no baseball on Sundays because it was "immoral"? Wow, I'm glad I didn't live a 100 years ago. How those people of 1910 would be shocked with our current liquor laws and changes in attitudes about Sundays.

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