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Vehicle crashes into Supercuts

A woman who ran her vehicle into a local building suffered only minor injuries Wednesday. The accident occurred Wednesday afternoon.

August 4, 2010



A woman suffered minor injuries Wednesday afternoon when her vehicle crashed into a retail building in western Lawrence.

The accident happened shortly before 4 p.m. in the shopping center at Sixth Street and Monterey Way. The brick exterior of the Supercuts store was damaged.

The woman said her sandal may have been caught on the gas pedal, causing her to crash.

The vehicle’s airbag deployed during the accident. The driver suffered cuts but was not transported to the hospital.

No damage estimate was available Wednesday.


emily_litella 5 years ago

This is excessive. If you aren't happy with your haircut, don't tip.

David Roberts 5 years ago

Lawrence drivers are freestyling...

This particular cluster of events seems unusual. Perhaps our friends in the insurance industry can enlighten us about how common this sort of thing is.

blindrabbit 5 years ago

Always heard about driving with driving with sandals; kinda mimics a Toyota problem.

Ron Holzwarth 5 years ago

I'm sure glad there wasn't a pedestrian on the sidewalk just then!

puddleglum 5 years ago

another toyota victim! would you people please stop buying these japanese trashmobiles?

Khublai_Juan 5 years ago

This seems a lot like the movie Maximum Overdrive where the machines turn on us...

TopJayhawk 5 years ago

Aw Puddles come on. You would rather us buy Detroit trashmobiles?

BigPrune 5 years ago

The students are baaaack. Be careful out there people, young people who don't know how to drive have invaded our city.

CreatureComforts 5 years ago

Oh definitely. We all know people over the age of 22 simply don't crash their cars. It's a recorded fact.

I cannot watch the video, but does it say it was a young college student in there, because it doesn't in the write-up?

CreatureComforts 5 years ago

Ah, I finally got the video to work, but I don't have sound.

BUT, since when has Eric Holder been doing news for LJWorld?

b_asinbeer 5 years ago

It wasn't a student. Do you always talk without knowing all the facts?

sassypants 5 years ago

Sandal my butt. Try reverse instead of drive. LMAO.

b_asinbeer 5 years ago

I know the person who was in the accident.

bad_dog 5 years ago

Are you profiting from this hybridization of Shrek & KU? Somehow I doubt it. Maybe if you print & sell some Con 1 t-shirts...

Keep it up. Perhaps you'll receive a cease & desist letter from both Dreamworks and KU.

Boston_Corbett 5 years ago

Big Lew may just sit on you while he pulls out your wallet.

Boston_Corbett 5 years ago

Big Lew may just sit on you while he pulls out your wallet.

verity 5 years ago

Cars don't hit buildings. People do.

fairplay 5 years ago

We must put stronger regulations on cars AND buildings. A seven day cooling off period.

matthewjherbert 5 years ago

judging by the limited damage to her front bumper/the massive damage to the building, I'm going to have to say that building has some terrible structural engineering.

CreatureComforts 5 years ago

Or mad props to Acura for THEIR engineering

Clickker 5 years ago

at least she was honest.

She didnt just pull the standard " Gas petal must have stuck" card out!

Ricky_Vaughn 5 years ago

Must've been coming in to the parking stall pretty fast to hop a curb and damage a brick wall...

independant1 5 years ago

comparative negligence, sandal wedgie and building located in unsafe location. The insurance companies will sort it all out. '

WWX 5 years ago

Unfortunately, rhe dangerous sandals are always the ones that truly 'make the outfit'!!

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