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25 years ago: Montgomery Ward ending catelog sales

August 4, 2010


The local Montgomery Ward & Co. branch store at Sixth and Kasold had an uncertain future after receiving word by telegram about the company’s decision to end all catalog sales operations. The local store was considered a catalog store, even though it also sold appliances. The 113-year-old catalog sales business had been losing money since 1980, and the company had decided to focus on store sales.

City commissioners were having a difference of opinion on the timing of a vote on public funding for a proposed shopping mall in the 600 block of downtown. Mayor Mike Amyx wanted residents to have the chance to vote on the issue as soon as possible, but Commissioner David Longhurst preferred to delay the vote until more details of the proposed project were available.

Lawrence area farmers were in the unusual early-August position of needing less rain. A recent storm increased the already-adequate moisture levels, and more rain was expected in the next few days.


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