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100 years ago: Couple killed by train they fail to see approaching

August 4, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for August 4, 1910: “An umbrella tipped to the southeast to cut off the sun, prevented Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. Boyd from seeing the approach of a Santa Fe passenger this morning. They were struck by passenger train No. 5, at the Quincy street crossing at 10:55 this morning. The train struck the rear wheel of their buggy, hurling both occupants a hundred feet down the track. Death was instantaneous. A witness said, ‘I have been told by the neighbors since the accident, that neither of the old people were hard of hearing.’ Mr. and Mrs. Boyd have lived in Lawrence for 12 years, the former being a truck gardener on the Eudora road. Both were past seventy and lived in a little cottage across the road from a daughter, Mrs. U. G. Thomas.... ‘You’re an easy mark, and I’m coming back to some other Kansas town and work some other dupe,’ wrote John Howe, alias M. J. Nash, to Paul Brune on whom he had forged two bogus checks recently. That was where Howe made his mistake. The information was turned over to the county authorities and today Sheriff Banning returned from Kansas City with the youth in hand cuffs. From his post cards he was traced and arrested. He will probably be sent to the penitentiary but may escape with a jail sentence.”


Sarah St. John 7 years, 8 months ago

Ahh, this is going to drive me crazy. Seventh Street was "Winthrop" but where was Quincy??? I will continue to research this and get back to you, 11th Stephanie! :)

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