100 years ago: Directors settle upon name ‘Woodland Park’

From the Lawrence Daily World for August 2, 1910: “It is Woodland Park. For some time the cool and shady resort that has been built this summer and which Lawrence people have already learned to appreciate, has either been nameless or borne only a temporary name [Victor Park]. But this morning the park directors decided on Woodland as the most appropriate and as the one receiving the approval of the citizens of the town…. Two bootleggers were doing a thriving business with the thirsty soldiers in Camp Woodland Sunday evening, when the county officers appeared on the scene and raided their temporary bar. The joint consisted of a big tub of ice craftily concealed in the bushes adjacent to the park, and a case or two of non-descript liquor. When the officers arrived the pair had eighteen quarts of booze reposing in the cool depths of the ice box. They had evidently been pursuing a thriving business, as the corks and empties in the vicinity indicated. One of the bootleggers is a local product…. Two foremen of the Breinig Construction Company, which is to erect the immense ‘Dip-the-Dips,’ arrived in Lawrence accompanying a car of material. Work on the big coaster will be commenced early next week.”