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Public library seeks input on proposal

April 30, 2010


Leaders with the Lawrence Public Library will host a series of public meetings as they work to convince city commissioners to place a library expansion project on the November ballot.

The library’s board of directors will seek public input on what should be included in a future expansion project at the following meetings:

• 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Lawrence Visitors Center, 402 N. Second St.

• 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Holcom Park Recreation Center, 2700 W. 26th St.

• 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. May 17, Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt.

The library has proposed an $18 million expansion that would include a children’s room, meeting space, additional room for public computers and a parking structure that would add about 50 parking spaces to the area.

Library board members have asked city commissioners to place the project on the November ballot for voter approval. Commissioners are expected to make a decision on that request in June.


gl0ck0wn3r 8 years ago

Of course you do, you are pro tax for any pet project.

bradh 8 years ago

It seems to me that you need more information before you decide to vote yes. All the story mentions is that they want $18 million to expand with no reasons given to support the request. How many children do they expect the children's room to accomodate? Is the children's room a reading room or is it a place to drop off the kids while the parents browse? Are the current meeting areas inadequate and why? Is there more demand for a computer room and how much more demand? How congested is the parking lot and are there other options? I'd want to see some studies, statistics, or something showing these were needs before I voted yes. They may very well be needs that should be met, but you need more information than was provided in the story to make an informed decision.

yourneighbor 8 years ago

This story is about public input on the proposal. Perhaps you would find your answers at the meetings?

anonyname 8 years ago

As you and cowboy have suggested, the web is a great place to find information. However, you can't exactly sit with children at bedtime and read them the internet. If you'd like to buy me a Kindle or an iPad, I'd be willing to try using one of those for storytime, but I don't see how it would compare to an actual book. This is why I use the library frequently. I'll be back there this weekend.

cowboy 8 years ago

There is already a virtual library , its called the internet !

Sharon Aikins 8 years ago

I love the library but haven't used it in years. Maybe they have improved accessibility and parking for the handicapped since then? I agree with bradh, we need to be informed about what exactly it is they intend to do with $18 million. I would still like to see some smaller satellite libraries.

anonyname 8 years ago

The linked article "Lawrence library wants $18 million expansion, asks city to schedule public vote" will tell you some more, and as yourneighbor points out, the meetings are just the place for those who are interested to get informed.

jayhawklawrence 8 years ago

The right thing at the wrong time is still a wrong thing.

I vote no and hell no.

citizen0123 8 years ago

just what the unemployed and homeless need.i guess they can sleep in the new parking garage.

anonyname 8 years ago

We SURE wouldn't want the unemployed or homeless to use the library's books to learn new skills or the library's computers to do anything crazy like find a job or an apartment, would we? Then they might actually have a way to escape your scorn.

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

I've sat in on numerous discussions with consultants and past board members It is a good project:

  • we get to vote on the issue = excellent
  • this is not an extravagant request
  • It is being done on site = no new land expense
  • this is not a new issue = it has been studied with a microscope
  • the building is worth the new investment because it is a fortress
  • it is GOOD to improve and maintain existing resources taxpayers already own
  • the demand is there as library use indicates
  • not everyone who needs books and reference material can afford to buy all they need
  • city libraries make resources available to public school students after public school hours
  • agencies such as the FDA use the library for certain federal gov't issues
  • libraries are a good source of data such as how to set up a business or put together a business plan before applying for a small business loan
  • libraries are a good source for consumers to investigate products
  • we enjoy checking out old musicals of which our library is doing a great job on selections
  • library employment and reference material purchases is good use of my tax dollars

anonyname 8 years ago say Merrilll should be out being productive...he's posting online....and yet you're doing the same thing. Think about it.

gatekeeper 8 years ago

So, are you going to pay for it Merrill? I don't use the library, am fiscally responsible and shouldn't have to fork over my money to pay for an expansion when the city doesn't have the funds to repair our roads, help our schools, etc....

Please don't bore us with more cut and paste B.S.

anonyname 8 years ago

Merrill is supporting putting this to a vote. If you're against it, you should welcome the chance to vote.

jafs 8 years ago

18 million dollars is an extravagant expense when money is tight.

igby 8 years ago

I can believe this BS. Special interest is still taking down our government and heaping more and more tax burden on the tax payer. Everywhere you go you can find a fricking another book hub on every corner just like churches, bars and gas/junk/drug stores. There's 11 book hubs already in Douglas County!

Fix the dam pot holes!

anonyname 8 years ago

How dare "special interest" put this up for the voters to decide!

igby 8 years ago

We have internet now, so pull your head out of your A$$!

anonyname 8 years ago

Do you actually think purchasing new land elsewhere, getting the permits, and constructing an entirely new building would cost less than this $18 million proposal? If we're looking at spending this town's money wisely, building onto the current building and expanding the lot is much more economical.

Clark Coan 8 years ago

Big mistake to have a referendum this year when turnout will be low and there is a Great Recession. Better to wait until the 2012 general election when more voters will turn out for the presidential election and the economy may have rebounded.

We should go for the best possible library. We should duplicate the Topeka Library which is a destination place. Of course they have the rich people out in the county also paying for it. We should also tax all of those millionaires out in the county since they use the library as well. Why not go for the best possible library?

beaujackson 8 years ago

Any library expansion should come AFTER the recession.

My property taxes are 13 times more than when my house was built in 1953, and is curerntly worth only about 6 times the original cost.

Lawrence homeowners are being "shafted"- big time.

George Lippencott 8 years ago

Well, interesting to note that when we seek public input, the west side gets left out. We have a meeting in the north, in the east and in the south. How about one out here? Are we afraid some people may want to have an annex west of Iowa rather than another major investment in "downtown"??

George Lippencott 8 years ago

iamtired (anonymous) replies…

I do not consider Holcom to be west. Complaint was not about me ( ME being a very big thing here in Lawrence). There are a lot of people west of Iowa and North of 6th (as well as west of me. How about them?

George Lippencott 8 years ago

I might observe that a very unscientific map search shows the geographic center of Lawrence just north of west campus. Maybe somebody can help us with the demographic center. Not one of the meetings is west of that point.

It is time that Lawrence leadership (and noisy bloggers) started to remember that the "downtown" is really well east of the geographic center.

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