Letters to the Editor

Ongoing effort

April 28, 2010


To the editor:

So where are the Save Our Neighborhood Schools people now? Resting on laurels congratulating ourselves on a mission accomplished? Hardly.

The fundraising group is planning a rummage sale and a musical event to raise funds for all Lawrence schools, in addition to working with the Lawrence Schools Foundation on targeted needs. Some folks are looking into federal grants available for community schools. The volunteerism group is working on a survey of school staff and PTOs to assess volunteer needs and is attempting to design a coordinated, district-wide way to respond to those needs. The legislative group is contacting parents in other school districts across the state and asking them to contact their legislators in Topeka.

Individuals who wrote letters, went to forums and showed up at school board meetings have gone back to their PTOs and site councils. This is not a victory dance; there are tough choices and uncomfortable discussions ahead. People are losing their jobs, something that would have also happened with any school closing. Any silver lining in all this may come from the next year of reconfiguration and task force discussions, which if open-minded and transparent, could not only help us weather our current troubles, but yield a wealth of creative ideas that make this school district better than ever. Come join the discussion.


jpgs 8 years, 1 month ago

Does this include a willingness to help us fund bridging ninth-grade German alternative and the teacher that was laid off?

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