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Police seeking information on vehicle that ran into Louise’s West

Silver SUV seen leaving the area

Louise's West is closed for repairs after a vehicle crashed into the building early Sunday morning. No one was in the building when the incident occurred and no one was injured.

April 19, 2010


A Lawrence bar is closed for repairs after a driver crashed into the building and then fled the scene early Sunday morning.

No one was inside Louise’s West, 1307 W. 7th St., according to general manager, P.J. Mather, when an eyewitness reported seeing a silver SUV backing away from the building.

The incident is believed to have happened around 2:45 a.m. and was witnessed by a person riding a bike in the area.

A Lawrence police spokesman said the vehicle was last seen heading east on Seventh Street.

Mather said they’ve had to shut the business down until repairs can be made. The business has already erected a temporary wall to shore up the structure.

“We’re going to try to re-open as soon as we can,” Mather said.


Charlie Sabotage 8 years ago

NOT WEST!!!!! so sorry P.J.! Ryan and I feel for you guys! Get back open soon!

ksjayhawk74 8 years ago

A silver SUV? That narrows it down to about 1/3rd of the vehicles in Lawrence.

whats_going_on 8 years ago

if you find the guy (or girl), besides seeking damages, charge them for lost revenue while you're closed for repairs.

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

Someone riding a bike at 2:45 am?.....

That is almost unsafe by definition.

hail2oldku 8 years ago

Probably Andrew Hartsock. You'd think a reporter would be able to provide better detail than a silver SUV though.

independant1 8 years ago

they left out they ticketed him for driving after dark with no lights

the silver SUV swerved to miss the bicycle

cellogrl 8 years ago

Would you rather that they drive home after being at the bar? I personally would rather that they were not motorized (that is if they were at the bar). Otherwise, you are correct. Extremely unsafe.

ivalueamerica 8 years ago

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parrothead8 8 years ago

Only a moron would focus on the cyclist who caused no damage and reported details of the accident rather than the car that hit the building.

garyr 8 years ago

I also heard that the suspect vehicle has four tires and a windshield!

ksjayhawk74 8 years ago

Were they black tires? If so, I think I know who they're looking for.

somedude20 8 years ago

sounds like the handiwork of Joel Hernandez

BruceWayne 8 years ago

Welcome to Lawrence Kansas, the hit and run and transient capital of the world! Impeach Dever NOW!! It's all his fault!

eotw33 8 years ago

are you sure they still have a windshield?

lazz 8 years ago

The building is not, and was not, on the verge of collapse. Damage is more or less confined to the exterior concrete blocks on the front left window area.

Richard Payton 8 years ago

Had a lamp shade on my head restricting my view so I didn't see a thing.

rumor_man 8 years ago

I heard it was cool/spiderman/adraidne/coltrane/paulette2 etc. He thought he was running into the Oread hotel.

jackpot 8 years ago

Thanks they even have more info than LJWorld

Cait McKnelly 8 years ago

Looks to me from the picture they might be closed more than a few days for repairs. From the looks of things it appears that both sides of the wall the window is in are load bearing.

ksjayhawk74 8 years ago

From the pictures on the Daily Kansan, it looks like there were no skid marks. Plus it appears to have happened shortly after closing time... This could have been intentional.

CreatureComforts 8 years ago

Or, since bars in Lawrence all close at the same time, it could be a drunk person driving post-drink...

jehovah_bob 8 years ago

Oh, I bet there's skid marks somewhere.

Danielle Brunin 8 years ago

Maybe the bicyclist did it and was just trying to place the blame on some poor hapless SUV driver!

Kash_Encarri 8 years ago

Maybe the motorist had to swerve in order to avoid the cyclist causing him/her to hit the building. Upon seeing that the cyclist was ok, they went along their merry way.

Steve Jacob 8 years ago

Happens all the time, people in drive instead of reverse. Most are drunk, some old, some stupidity.

justoneperson 8 years ago

srj seems correct. given the location of this spot relative to the parking lot, street, etc., it would seem someone was parked in front and instead of reversing, went forward. or, they were paralleled on the opposite and tried to pop a U-ie only to lose control.

Mike Wagner 8 years ago

You can't just get rid of all the dive bars, dirtbags need a place to drink too! First person I would be talking to is the last employee to leave. I wonder how many free drinks they had that night?

boothillbilly 8 years ago

I'm waiting for Hartsock's column "Why I'm so smart, and everyone else is so stupid, especially people who drive: vol. 62, why I'm so smart and the guy who drove into Louise's West is an idiot."

BigPrune 8 years ago

Maybe this will give them the opportunity to fix the sewer gas problem and put in a floor drain in the mens room, but then again, that would probably make them raise their schooner prices and chase off the young hotties and who'd want that?

Bud Stagg 8 years ago

wow, I don't think you could get a SUV up over that sidewalk from the parking spot. You'd have to be moving pretty fast, If I remember correctly, the sidewalk is over a foot tall.

Graczyk 8 years ago

I love that place. I'm going to hit it again as soon as it open. Oops. Did I say that out loud?

H_Lecter 8 years ago

Not having a drink in the last eight months as well as an an air-tight alibi, we can conclude Teddy Kennedy's off the hook on this one.

jehovah_bob 8 years ago

They should have been on the lookout for a Delorean travelling at 88mph. They're never going to catch him now.

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