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Lawrence police investigating rash of overnight burglaries

At least three businesses in southwest Lawrence were burglarized early Monday morning.

April 19, 2010


Lawrence police are investigating a rash of overnight burglaries in southwest Lawrence.

Around 1 a.m. Monday, officers were called to two business alarms, and while investigating those, they discovered a third business had been broken into.

Police are still trying to determine what was taken from the forced-entry burglaries at Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital, 4340 Clinton Pkwy., Shear Perfection and Yager’s Fly Shop, both located at 2311 Wakarusa Dr.

Police are also investigating five auto burglaries, as well as a garage that was broken into in the area of the 2700 block of Wildflower Drive.

Officers are still working to determine if the burglaries are connected. No arrests have been made.


loosephlegm 8 years ago

I hope they try my house. I'll go with low velocity slugs, so hopefully a few splinters from whatever door or window I fire through will get lodged in their wound.

John Spencer 8 years ago

Shooting someone over property is a bit draconian, but with that said, I would lke them caught and punished. I was one of the people that had a vehicle burgled.

independant1 8 years ago

not would prob pull the trigger twice too

DillonBarnes 8 years ago

Shooting someone over property may be a bit harsh, but if I wake up in the middle of the night and find someone in my house, I'm not going to take the time to ask what their intentions are.

DillonBarnes 8 years ago

Forgot the fancy new 'reply' thing.

Soap 8 years ago

i'm investigating a rash too, but it will take a few days for the results..

IndusRiver 8 years ago

So, this must be why LPD cops and Animal Control isn't wasting the taxpayer's gas driving circles around certain local citizens in their efforts to terrorize them. They're busy doing their real job!

independant1 8 years ago

The sound of a .44 going off, good burgular alarm.

Ricky_Vaughn 8 years ago

We need Dick Tracy on the case...

jafs 8 years ago


I believe that the legal definition of self-defense involves not escalating - ie. if someone is hitting you and you pull out a weapon and shoot them, that is not legally self-defense.

It would be interesting to know of some cases where someone shot someone claiming they saw a weapon and then there was no weapon found - was that considered self-defense?

oldvet 8 years ago

You might want to check Kansas law, jafs... you can use deadly force if you believe your life or the life of another is in danger. The other person is not required to have a weapon, you need to only believe your life is in danger from that person... and Kansas law does not require you to attempt to flee from a dangerous situation.

Jamie Blaylock 8 years ago

We live in the same area and my son had his car broken into as well the same night. They tossed everything from the glove box and center console into the floor of the car but didn't appear to take anything but maybe a few CDs. Looking for something specific I’d say. Thieves are the lowest of the low.

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