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Think color, tailoring for your spring outerwear

April 12, 2010


Before jacket weather has come and gone, here are some new ideas for spring 2010:

Military coat:

For a few weeks, I’ve been hunting for the perfect military-inspired jacket (think Marc Jacobs Spring 2010). Look for a military coat or belted utility coat in lightweight cotton or knit fabrics. Or, if you’re petite, try a cropped anorak for a shorter shape that will show off your waist. Wear your military coat with feminine, floral skirts and heels or weekend jeans and a T-shirt.

Tweed jacket:

Tweed is a cool fabric for spring and summer, often utilized for the construction of classic jackets and blazers. Plus, this spring, two-piece monotone suits are a cute, trendy wardrobe change for spring and summer graduations, outdoor parties and weddings. If you do opt for a two-piece tweed suit, your jacket can do double duty. Wear it over dresses and skirts, or pair it with jeans and heels or flats. Look for a jacket with unique piping, cute buttons or other intriguing details. These will make your jacket more personalized and ensure your tweed jacket modernizes your outfit instead of aging your look.

Tailored vest:

Vests are the perfect wardrobe piece for unpredictable spring weather. Forecasts with morning rains and hot, muggy afternoons provide little guidance regarding choice of dress. A vest is a great layering piece, one that transitions your outfit, creating a put-together, polished look. Find a looser-fitting boyfriend vest that is cool and comfortable in the office or at the bar.

Trench coat:

The ultimate investment piece, a trench coat should be part of your lifetime wardrobe. You will wear it again and again, and again. And again. Purchase one in black or, most classically, khaki. Buy a trench coat with an A-line shape and a belt. An A-line shape is flattering and feminine, and a belt provides insurance. (Your trench coat will most likely still fit you despite growth or change in weight.)

Bright blazer:

A black, tailored blazer is another wardrobe essential for every woman. They provide maximum versatility — pair yours with dresses, slacks, jeans, skirts and soft-shaped pants to add definition and sophistication. This spring, consider a lighter version of winter’s black blazer, and pick a colorful blazer as a replacement. If you prefer longer lengths, look for a boyfriend blazer; however, a more fitted, feminine silhouette will be long-lasting and forever classic. Try out this spring’s color trend: buy your blazer in a bold, scarlet hue.

More outerwear ideas for spring:

  • lightweight cardigans
  • colored plastic raincoats
  • plaid jackets or long-sleeves
  • leather jackets for cool nights
  • layers — sweaters, blazers, anoraks
  • re-vamped denim jackets with zippers, buttons or studs


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