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$1 J-W deal extended for unemployed

The Lawrence Journal-World is extending its special discount for people who are unemployed. Subscribers with proper proof of unemployment can get 13 weeks for just a dollar.

April 11, 2010


The Journal-World is extending its offer of a $1, 13-week subscription for unemployed people who live within the newspaper’s delivery area.

“People are still struggling because of the economy and this is an opportunity for us to help in some way,” said Chris Bell, Journal-World circulation director. “The Journal-World offers news, employment ads and other information that we hope will help people find a job.”

To receive the $1 deal, residents must visit the Journal-World circulation office, 609 N.H., and present a current Kansas unemployment statement. The address on an individual’s ID must match the address on the unemployment statement where the newspaper will be delivered.

If the unemployed person is already a subscriber, he or she can come to the Journal-World office and pay $1 to extend the subscription by 90 days.

Unemployed residents can sign up for this offer until May 16.


UfoPilot 8 years ago

go to the library and read it on the internet for free.

ivalueamerica 8 years ago

and is there a need to lie or exagerate to make your point? Their books are open, there is not an over-head for the charity that runs over the ethical standards made by National Society for Fundraising Professionals.

I do agree that direct giving is more effective, but I have to wonder what your motive is or your weakness since you feel the need to state a lie to try and make your point.

To me, it only makes you a liar.

booklover 8 years ago

So what if a person is out of work, but not on unemployment? Shouldn't they be able to get the same offer. This is a nice gesture, but it doesn't seem very well thought out.

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