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New video board at Memorial Stadium to be ready for spring events

Mike Gardner, who works for American Lift and Sign, a company out of Omaha, Neb., washes down the track at Memorial Stadium Monday, April 5, 2010. The company is installing a new video board with a screen nearly 85 feet wide and 28 feet tall. The new scoreboard is 97 feet tall overall.

Mike Gardner, who works for American Lift and Sign, a company out of Omaha, Neb., washes down the track at Memorial Stadium Monday, April 5, 2010. The company is installing a new video board with a screen nearly 85 feet wide and 28 feet tall. The new scoreboard is 97 feet tall overall.

April 8, 2010, 1:58 p.m. Updated April 8, 2010, 3:16 p.m.


A rendering of KU's new football scoreboard by Daktronics, Inc.

A rendering of KU's new football scoreboard by Daktronics, Inc.

It remains to be seen what kind of impact new Kansas University football coach Turner Gill will have on the program, but there’s no debating that Jayhawk fans will enjoy a new stadium experience during the 2010 season.

New video board in Memorial Stadium to be ready for spring

The board will be high definition and cost $3.2 million. Enlarge video

Construction crews are in the process of putting the finishing touches on a new video board at Memorial Stadium and, when complete, the active area on the new viewing screen will be three times the size of the one it replaced.

Not only will the screen be larger — the new board measures 28 feet high by 85 feet wide — it also will be the first of its kind (HD15 technology) to be installed by Daktronics Inc. Daktronics regional manager Tony Mulder said the new screen, which features an LED display, would have tighter resolution and better picture enhancements.

“This addition to historic Memorial Stadium will help generate more excitement from the fans and will be another great enhancement for the Kansas football program," Mulder said.

The new video board will allow operators greater flexibility. They’ll have the option to display graphics as one giant image across the entire screen or in multiple windows that can be used to display a wide variety of statistics, information, graphics, animation and video.

The funding for the $3.2 million video board was part of a five-year, $86 million extension to a multi-media deal between KU and IMG College. The extension takes the agreement between KU and IMG through the 2021-22 academic year.

“This agreement — and the new video board — will ensure that we are able to provide the best experience possible for our student athletes, coaches and fans,” KU athletics director Lew Perkins said in a statement.

The expansion is the first since 1999, when the old video board was installed. The new board, which features approximately 2,380 square feet — as opposed to the 740 square feet of the old one — is expected to be up and running in time for both the Kansas Relays (April 14-17) and the KU football Spring Game on April 24.

“That’s the goal,” KU associate athletics director Jim Marchiony said.


Weezy_Jefferson 7 years ago

Meanwhile, classrooms at KU continue to crumble.

So_tired_of_the_whiners 7 years ago

Not a waste of money! Can't wait to see it! Bigger is better, super size me baby!!!

Weezy_Jefferson 7 years ago

Tremendous, obscene, flagrant waste of money.

Chad Collins 7 years ago

Let's just hope it sells some tickets this year. Especially from the free loaders on the hill...They should have built it to wrap around the entire South end....Now that's money well spent!

somedude20 7 years ago

I guess that big board was to accommodate the old coaches girth now the new coach has something to grow into

Stimulus, coach growth, and Birthercare live unprecedented... "Wocka Wocka Wocka"

oldvet 7 years ago

Finally, one that we will be able to see from anywhere in the stadium... Great job, KUAC!!! We are ready for some football!!!

newmedia 7 years ago

The bottom line is just Win, Baby or a 50 inch flat screen would be just as functional if no one is there to watch it...

Robert Rauktis 7 years ago

They have them at Walmart for $2.9 million. And eBay for $2.1. Shipping's kinda expensive.

Andrew Boyd 7 years ago

Pitt states board is still taller at by 12 feet but it is 15 feet shorter. its nice to se kansas catch up to the winningest division two football program in history. and one of the winningest ncaa football programs across all divisions. o and the only football program in the STATE to hold not only 1 national football championship but 3!!!!!

hail2oldku 7 years ago

I think there are a couple of JUCOs in the state that could see your three national titles and raise you.

HighScore 7 years ago

I doubt we would see this, but how great would it be to take the old video board and mount it to the back of this new scoreboard. This would allow fans on the hill to watch video highlights of the game. It would create a great game-day environment, not only in the stadium, but also on the hill.

Don Whiteley 7 years ago

I couldn't think of a bigger slap in the face to KU students or Kansas taxpayers. At a time when funding for higher education is in the most critical situation it has been in for over 50 years, KU spends money to build a new scoreboard. If KU sports is making enough money to afford luxuries, why can't it contribute back to the general university fund? I grow more and more disenchanted with this university, which continues to prove that it has far less interest in education than it has in the sports entertainment industry.

Curtis Lange 7 years ago

The base looks stupid. Looks like they just used the old base then added three support legs...

Danimal 7 years ago

This is an upgrade that has been a long time coming at Memorial Stadium. I think the next step is dedicating a new statue or something in front of the Stadium so people don't forget that it's dedicated to the 125 students, faculty and alumni killed in WWI, and not the almighty dollar.

Weezy_Jefferson 7 years ago

Oooh, I know what they could do! Because Perkins and the KU Athletic Department are a big business and aren't obligated to share the wealth with the rest of KU, they should partner with Walmart and rename the stadium Perkins Stadium at Walmart Field. That way, they'd rake in enough money to construct the south end of the bowl, add three levels, provide cushy recliners to bigwigs, equip all seats with Bose speakers, construct robot cheerleaders---the sky's the limit. And it would all be for attracting 18- to 19-year-old boys to come and run a ball from this end of the field to that end of the field.

thebigspoon 7 years ago

Why is the Kivisto name still on the field ? Did he finally come up with the rest of the money that was promised ?

hawkman8950 7 years ago

I have never liked the name kivisto being on our field. For godsakes the guy didn't have anything to do with football until he made millions and wanted to donate to get his name out there. Should have named it Don Fambrough field or someone involved or attached to KU football. Not through money donated. KUAC it is ok and more meaningful to dedicate fields and facilities to people while they are still alive! Fortune 500 Lew's mouthpiece/son-in-law Marchioney will never get it. Most definetly a suit and far removed from us commoners

hbjayhawk 7 years ago

That screen would have helped us when Mangino was here! Can you imagine how he would look on that thing!! Stay-Puft'd Marshmallow Guy has invaded KIVISTO!! RUN!! HAHAHA!!

AreUKiddingMe 7 years ago

distant_voice READ THE ARTICLE!! It wasn't payed for by the students OR the taxpayer!!! You want to blame someone for crappy classrooms and such, blame the people who run the academic side for miss using THEIR money. It's always easy to hate on the people who have done things right and have the $ to do what they want than it is to look at yourself and relize YOU made mistakes and THATS why you are where you are... IF YOU DONT LIKE SPORTS STOP READING THE SPORTS SECTION!!!!

Weezy_Jefferson 7 years ago

Afterall, sports is more important than education.

heybluekc 7 years ago

@ Snoopy79

Dude all the games were sellouts last year. How many more tickets can they sell when there already sold out. Geez.

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