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Volunteers needed to help clean up Black Jack Battlefield historic site

April 7, 2010


Volunteers are needed Saturday to help spruce up Black Jack Battlefield and Nature Park just east of Baldwin City.

It will be part of a nation-wide effort known as Park Day, where volunteers all over the country work to clean up national historic sites.

At the Black Jack site, volunteers will begin work at 9 a.m. to remove a dilapidated modern outbuilding, clean up trash, collect sticks and branches and generally spruce up the park for the upcoming tourist season. Workers can stay as long as they’re able. The cleanup will officially end at 3 p.m.

The Battle of Black Jack on June 2, 1856, is considered by many to have been the first battle of the Civil War.

For more information, contact Kerry Altenbernd, (785) 883-2106 or, or visit

To reach the park, go three miles east of Baldwin City on U.S. Highway 56, then south a quarter-mile on East 2000 Road.


Blessed4x 7 years, 9 months ago

Why not just have a historian from the college give a brief talk on the site to a group of scouts and then the scouts can clean up the site? That would kill a lot of merit badge requirements and I know a lot of troops/packs that would love to do that.

Brian Hall 7 years, 9 months ago

Scouts can go out there and clean if they want on Saturday. This is not just Black Jack going out and doing it but all the Civil War battle sites. Also, scouts go out there all the time to help clean but a majority of work now lies in restoring the Robert Hall Pearson House that's near the battle site.

flux 7 years, 9 months ago

I say we start by sending Stephene Moore out there and see how well she cleans up that mess. If she does a good job, maybe we can ease her into a little bigger role.......Girl scout leader, city council...etc.

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