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Statehouse Live: KDOT posts video to argue for tax increase

The Kansas Department of Transportation has posted a YouTube video lobbying for support for increased taxes. The extra funds would be used for road maintenance.

April 6, 2010



KDOT lobbies for tax increase

KDOT posted this video, its first video news release.

— It probably won’t get as many hits as the fight between the lions, crocodile and herd of water buffalo, but the state transportation agency on Tuesday posted a video on YouTube to lobby for a tax increase for highways.

In its first video news release, the Kansas Department of Transportation says that without a revenue increase, 50 percent of state roads could be in poor condition within 10 years.

The Kansas Legislature is at an impasse over how to fix a nearly $450 million revenue shortfall. In the past year, transportation spending has been cut by $257 million.

A Senate committee has recommended approval of an $8.2 billion transportation plan that would be funded by tax and fee increases and bonding.

The video said that budget cuts have forced the cancellation of some projects and increased poor road conditions.

“It frustrates me to see this investment lost,” Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Deb Miller says in the video.

She also says that failure to maintain state roads can lead to safety problems and take decades to recover.

Miller also argues that an updated transportation program will help the economy by creating jobs.


situveux1 8 years, 2 months ago

That's what happens when so much money is spent on highways in the western part of the state instead of spending it on up grading highways in the KC area where the majority live.

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