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Four teenagers arrested in connection with overnight crime spree across Lawrence

April 6, 2010


Lawrence police arrested four teenagers Tuesday morning in connection with a crime spree across the city.

Officers were first called to the Presto Convenience Store, 2330 Iowa, just before 1:30 a.m. after a suspect entered the store and stole a 30-pack of beer.

An employee was able to get the license plate number of the getaway car.

Later, that same vehicle was linked to a burglary in the 500 block of Eldridge. Police spokesman Sgt. Bill Cory said that when two people inside the residence interrupted the burglary, the suspects fled.

About 5:15 a.m., officers spotted the same car near 27th and Iowa streets and attempted to stop it. Cory said the vehicle fled, crashing into a parked car in the 2200 block of West 26th Street.

Police arrested the 18-year-old female driver on a number of charges, including driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and having no driver’s license.

At least one passenger fled on foot but was later captured. Cory said the 18-year-old male passenger suffered minor injuries in the crash. He was treated and arrested.

Police arrested two more teenagers in the area in connection with the incident.


stephenj 8 years ago

Who steals 3.2 beer? Sterilize 'em.

Richard Payton 8 years ago

Tar and feather? Public Spanking? Cheaper than jail time in juvee!

barry_penders 8 years ago

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tomatogrower 8 years ago

rtpayton (anonymous) says… Tar and feather? Public Spanking? Cheaper than jail time in juvee!

It sounds like they were either 18 or close. Juvee will not be an option for them.

MrMEtoo 8 years ago

wow, what a night. this is a like a really bad grand theft auto rip off. suprise they didnt steal a car for the whole wild ride too.

Danimal 8 years ago

I miss frontier justice sometimes. A lot of people will chalk this up to a wild night of kids being kids, but I think it's a little more serious than that. At the point that you're breaking into someone else's home, you're putting your life in their hands. Unfortunately, it seems our system is set up to either let them off with a slap on the wrist, or throw the book at them with no middle ground. Hopefully these kids are justly punished without completely ruining their young lives. I'm probably hoping for too much though.

Glenda Susie Breese 8 years ago

These are not teenagers,they are adults, Their names can be published and they can have a record that will follow them,if they want to be( employed or have a house or join the service).If its their first offence they might be able to get a diversion agreement. Then they are on the road to messing up the rest of their lives ,if they ever get in the mood to self destruck again. Hope they learn a big lesson.

somedude20 8 years ago

Somebody got into my car last night and nicked a bunch of cds (20-30)( ones from Led Zep boxset old Metallica, Gomez, Danzig old Bruce, ect). they took it all except Sting's "Bring on the Night" (live cd set from when he first went solo when he had yet to jump the shark).

barry_penders 8 years ago

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Dirtman24 8 years ago

Well the wreck happened outside my bedroom window and I will say listening to my police scanner and watching they was doing way past 80mph through 2 apartment building parking lots before crashing. The POLICE was right behind them, are they suppose to call a chase off when wreckless driving is involved. If the white car was NOT there to stop them this morning they would of ended up into someones bedroom for sure, just trying to figure out why the police didn't back off which is the policy. SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY FIRST LPD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flap Doodle 8 years ago

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time (don't do it)

Richard Payton 8 years ago

Sounds as if someone left some skid marks on the street and in their pants after being caught by the LPD! I guess sh__t really does happen.

KCTech 8 years ago

He got busted a few months ago for the same thing. As a matter of fact, my brother's car was hit that night. I personally like the comment "yep yep im not goin bacc".


JoRight 8 years ago

Wow, he made it a week. Impressive, back to jail I guess.

purplesage 8 years ago

I think 3.2 beer and all the rest of the stronger stuff ought to be outlawed, too.

Some parent's nightmare has just begun. I'm not at all surprised that alcohol is involved in the poor judgment these young people demonstrated.

And as to that arbitrary line of 18: what a bunch of non-sense. Some kids are mature and adult like at 16 and others are still juviniles at 24.

Liberty275 8 years ago

I didn't know you there was such a thing as a 30 pack

Jaylee 8 years ago

dang KC Tech! you facebooked him!

March 27 though, that is way too ridiculous! "Out of jail finally! Freedom!" haha wow

Reuben Turner 8 years ago

can anyone say dumb. the them the time they need.

PebblesFlintstone 8 years ago

His MySpace says he's on probation til 10/10, and it looks like he fancies himself to be a Crip. LHS still has Crips? And LHS students still use MySpace? Wha?

Tim Quest 8 years ago

Who the hell sits around on a Monday night listening to a police scanner? Dirtman, you might want to hit up a VFW Singles Dance or something.

chasmo 8 years ago

Berry I think someone is sick of listening to you.....

tubs_of_love 8 years ago

A crip? The only gangs I know of in Kansas are the crops and the floods.

CreatureComforts 8 years ago

You know a lady is classy when she runs from the police drunk

Jaminrawk 8 years ago

It's too bad people like these kids can't step outside of themseleves and see how ridiculous they are to everyone else.

Zachary Stoltenberg 8 years ago

Looks like the little "crip" just got out on the 30th, back in on the sixth? Five days of freedom was just too much to handle... Now he's a repeat offender, throw the book at him.

Shardwurm 8 years ago

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Graczyk 8 years ago

tubs_of_love (anonymous) says…

A crip? The only gangs I know of in Kansas are the crops and the floods.

I've never heard that one before. Made my day.

barry_penders 8 years ago

Careful Shardwurm, I simply said "get the rope" and it was already removed twice. You better be careful expressing opinions like that.
I don't know if someone is implying some sort of racial overtone in my comment or something, but I don't even know what race these losers are.

Curtis Martell 8 years ago

Oh to be 18 again. I miss the thrill of the chase.

Eurekahwk 8 years ago

Sounds like a night of stupid college hijinks. And these foolish kids are being called criminals on a crime spree! We've had several KU athletes do much worse. And no one calls for their heads. All people say then, is "Oh no, he won't miss a game will he?"

Adrienne Sanders 8 years ago

Eurekahwk, when exactly have any athletes done "much worse" than breaking into peoples houses, stealing beer, and running from the police all in the same night?

lionheart72661 8 years ago

Who steals 3.2 beer? Sterilize 'em.... Study up...3.2 beer is the same as 6% Conv. Grocery stores sell theirs by weight i.e. 3.2 by weight Liquor stores sell by volume. i.e. 6.0 by volume it is all the same. NO this has nothing to do with the story just giving a little education to some folks

ozzynbn 8 years ago

dulcinea47................ does the name CJ Giles ring a bell? Beating the hell out of your girlfriend isn't exactly a nice thing to do.

BigAl 8 years ago

lionheart72661. I think you are 100% correct. I have heard this from Budweiser employees also. And, I think there was a court case in Oklahoma proving that there really is very little, if any, difference in so called 3.2 and 6% beer. As you stated, 3.2 is by weight and 6.0 is by volume. Just one way of getting around some state laws.

Shardwurm 8 years ago

LOL Barry you were right!

Let me try this again:

Sit them down and talk to them and ask how the rest of the community failed to provide them the guidance they needed to be successful. Then ask them how much money they think they need to get a fresh start, pat them on the heads, and call a limo to get them home.

That should pass muster I think.

wyattearp2 8 years ago

Dirtman, what are you smokin, what policy! I have never heard of a don't chase policy in this city.....They chase all the time and apparently they are good at it. LPD always gets their chasee after its all over with....

Go back to bed, 80 miles per hour through a parking lot can't be done. Try sniffing some glue or metallic paint next time......jeeez

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