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Bullpen miscues costly in 8-4 Royals setback

April 6, 2010


Detroit catcher Gerald Laird, right, tags out Kansas City’s Jason Kendall. The Royals lost to the Tigers, 8-4, on Monday in Kansas City, Mo.

Detroit catcher Gerald Laird, right, tags out Kansas City’s Jason Kendall. The Royals lost to the Tigers, 8-4, on Monday in Kansas City, Mo.

— Everything was shaping up for the Royals on opening day.

Zack Greinke was outdueling Justin Verlander, and Kansas City’s revamped lineup got to the Detroit ace for six hits and four runs.

Then came the Royals bullpen.

Luis Colon, Robinson Tejeda and Juan Cruz allowed six hits and six runs in the seventh inning Monday, and the Detroit Tigers rallied for an 8-4 victory over the Royals.

“We didn’t do our job,” Colon said. “It was just a tough game. We played well. It just didn’t work out good. It was a tough game.”

Detroit’s bullpen, meanwhile, shut out the Royals through four innings on a windy opening day.

“It didn’t look too good for a while, but we hung in there,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “They have some good arms coming out of the bullpen, and fortunately we were able to get to to them. Next time it might be our bullpen that stumbles.”

Greinke departed after six innings with a 4-2 lead after allowing six hits and one earned run.

“Zack showed us why he won the Cy Young Award last year,” said Detroit outfielder Johnny Damon, who had a two-run double in the seventh. “All of his pitches are polished. But we just caught a nice streak there as soon as he got out.”

Detroit reliever Joel Zumaya, in his first regular-season appearance since extensive surgery on his right shoulder, got the victory. Hitting 103 once on the radar gun, he threw 12 pitches, 10 for strikes.

He seemed to be throwing with all the power and bite that made him one of the league’s most feared middle relievers before the surgery.

“I can’t feel any better right now,” Zumaya said. “Can’t feel any better.”

Tejeda (0-1) got just one out and was charged with three runs.

Verlander gave up six hits and four runs in five innings.


ssakcaj 8 years ago

I will say this again and again, why take the starter out. Consistently proven again and again, closers in MLB are not closers. Wtih a few exceptions pitchers playing as closers instead let games get away.

Play your starting pitcher the whole game, it won't kill him, and his arm won't fall off. He has a better understanding and feel for the ebb and flow of the game. In this case Greinke would have pitched three more innings. With a five man rotation that is more than enough time to come back from as well. Now with his new change up, he doesn't even have to stress his arm as much with the heat.

Julie Craig 8 years ago

That's cool that K-state basketball player Luis Colon is now playing for the Royals. Isn't the correct name Roman? Any way - no relief pitching once again.

heybluekc 8 years ago


Why would you leave Grienke in? His pitch count was at 100 it's a long season. He is not going to throw a changeup constantly, (if he did it would not be effective.) I was there and he maybe threw 6 or 8 of them the entire game. The pitcher's we brought in were NOT "Closer's" Jokim Soria is our closer and if we get to the ninth inning with a lead the Royals will probably win. If you dont think so check you facts. When you know what your talking about then talk. This was one game out of 162, and I don't think were going to win the division by anymeans but geeeeez. Grienke is likely to pitch 36 games this year how the hell would he go 9 in everygame is beyond me. Wow.

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