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White House: Job rebound will be slow

April 5, 2010


— Buoyed by good news on the jobs front, the White House claimed credit Sunday for reversing the downward economic spiral while bracing out-of-work Americans for a slow recovery.

The Obama administration also eased away from confrontation with China over its artificially low currency. The U.S. wants to encourage Beijing’s help on nuclear proliferation and new penalties against Iran for its perceived attempts to build a bomb.

Given the depth and length of the recession, the White House wants to cool expectations of a rapid economic recovery before the November elections that will determine whether Democrats retain control of the House and Senate.

The economy added about 162,000 jobs in March, the most in nearly three years.


Flap Doodle 5 years ago

Dear Leader will need millions of new minions to enforce his will. Eventually we will all be working for the government.

timetospeakup 5 years ago

Wow Tom, good job taking one right out of Merrill's playbook. yuck

georgiahawk 5 years ago

Wow, what a treat, a letter with mainly blogs from Tom and Barry! Come on guys, work yourselves into a right wing, racist inspired, muslim fearing, dooms day, socialist hating frenzy!


ivalueamerica 5 years ago

George Bush, the most failed president in our nation's history, created the worst economic meltdown since the great depression and only a fool would think that everything could be fixed in 2 years.

Obama never said it would.

What a shame the republicans, instead of accepting responsibility for their failures, try to blame it on someone else.

Flap Doodle 5 years ago

Hey, let's whiz away another $700+ billion dollars for very little result. It's bound to work this time.

Seth Peterson 5 years ago

George Bush, one of the most failed president in our nation's history, helped to cause the worst economic meltdown since the great depression. We have started a s low process to recovery. This month 162,000 jobs were added to the economy - more than any other month in nearly three years. While this is good news the White House wants to remind everyone that it is a long process to full recovery which will not happen overnight.

Anyone who wants to treat this measured optimism and good news as a negative talking point just looks ridiculous.

cato_the_elder 5 years ago

The Obama Regime is scared to death. Obama's poll ratings have dropped precipitously from where they were a year ago. Unemployment will be at 10% at the time of the November elections. The Obama Regime is doing anything it can to discredit anyone who dissents from its collectivist agenda, with a significant group of the media assisting. It's time for Americans who love and value freedom and individual liberty to turn up the heat even more on Rahm and Bam Bam in order to elect a new Congress that will defund their schemes, and then get rid of them altogether in 2012.

Flap Doodle 5 years ago

Axelrod's puppet is looking for new sources of bread and circus acts to distract American voters.

cato_the_elder 5 years ago

Well, Snap, one of them won't be Obama throwing out the first pitch at the Nationals game today.

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