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Parkinson emboldened by prospects in 3rd District

April 5, 2010


With news that Democrat Stephene Moore may run to replace her husband, retiring U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore, the Democratic Party defense of the 3rd District has intensified.

In his post-regular legislative session news conference last week, Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat, who generally has been genteel in his dealings with the Republican-dominated Legislature, went out of his way several times to condemn the “Yoder budget.”

That’s a reference to state Rep. Kevin Yoder, a Republican from Overland Park, who is one of several Republicans seeking the GOP nod in the 3rd, which includes east Lawrence and all of Johnson and Wyandotte counties.

Yoder is also chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. Earlier in the legislative session he pushed through a budget proposal that holds the line on state taxes, but, as Parkinson noted, cuts funding to public schools, which would require local property tax increases to make up for the difference.

Parkinson said that proposal “is in my view irresponsible.”

Yoder’s budget, endorsed by House Speaker Mike O’Neal, R-Hutchinson, and House Majority Leader Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, has gone nowhere in the Legislature, gaining heavy public criticism from Democrats and the quiet abandonment of many Republicans.

“It will have a particularly negative effect on rural school districts that don’t have the wealth of the districts that Representative Yoder represents, so they would be forced to raise their property tax mill levies significantly,” Parkinson said.

Even so, Yoder has defended his proposal.

Moments after Parkinson made his remarks, Yoder issued a news release saying, “The House Appropriations Committee has produced a budget that will balance while freezing spending at current levels. The governor’s reckless attempt to dramatically force a regressive statewide tax increase on every Kansan to pay for his spending spree is shocking given the state of the current Kansas economy.”

Parkinson, however, and Senate Republican leaders argue that after having cut $1 billion from what was once a $6.4 billion state budget, there is not much more to cut. They say a coalition will form to back a tax increase in the $400 million range when the wrap-up session starts April 28.

The GOP field to replace Moore is crowded. In addition to Yoder, candidates who have announced or filed include Nick Jordan, a former state senator; Patricia Lightner, a former state representative; Daniel Gilyeat, Craig McPherson, John Rysavy and David King.

The 3rd District is always a battleground on the national level because Republicans, who have a majority in voter registration, believe they should hold the seat. Moore has thought otherwise, winning election in 1998 and defending his position ever since.

His decision not to run stunned many Kansans, but then he floated the rumor that his wife would run.

Last month, the Kansas City Star reported that Stephene Moore was in the race. But later Moore issued a statement, saying she was considering it but hadn’t made a decision.


yngredstater 8 years, 2 months ago

As a registered voter in the 3rd district, I'm excited to finally have a candidate that stands up for what they believe and doesn't back down to pressure from the Governor's office. Every democratic governor tries to raise taxes in order to solve our problems; Carlin did it, Finney did it, Sebelius did it, and now Parkinson is following suit. Yoder is simply doing what the people elected him to do, REPRESENT THEM! Statewide tax increases in struggling economies, like the one proposed by Parkinson, only HURT tax payers more and leave the state paying more for services than it can afford to sustain into the future. Fiscal responsibility and balancing the state budget is what the framers of the Kansas constitution intended for our great state, now let's live up to their expectations!

I agree with the two previous comments, NO MOORE! I'm excited for the 3rd district to turn red once again, and YODER is just the candidate to do it. GO YODER!

Jimo 8 years, 2 months ago

Wiley Parkinson, picking a fight with the weakest of the GOP contenders, knowing full well that the Republican wing of the Republican Party won't tolerate cutting education dollars (a/k/a, "quiet abandonment").

Irresponsible tax cuts aren't sustainable into the future. Selfish JoCo mini-millionaires are just going to have to share in the sacrifice.

ShawneeTech 8 years, 2 months ago

By directly taking on Yoder and labeling his proposal the "Yoder Budget," Parkinson is affirming what many of us already know: Yoder will be the 3rd District Republican nominee for congress. Yoder is directly attacking our state's budget challenges and he is the only candidate with the youth, experience, and freshness to bring the party together and and finally give the 3rd District real representation in Washington.

The fact that Parkinson is attacking Yoder so early indicates that he knows Yoder is a threat and the favorite to win the seat in November.

WilburM 8 years, 2 months ago

Let's see, Dennis Moore defeated Nick Jordan, one of the "major" GOP potential candiates by 18% or so in 2008. Patricia Lightner can't raise any $$ -- who is taking her seriously? And Kevin Yoder has transformed himself in a decade from a KU Democrat to a moderate R to a linchpin of fiscal conservatism. There is a nice set of principles for you -- an essentially ambitious guy with his finger in the wind.

Stephen Moore is smart and energetic, with good name recognition and an ability to raise $$.

Ha Ha HA, indeed.

bearded_gnome 8 years, 2 months ago

last fall Denny Moore said one reason he wasn't running again was to spend more time with his family.

so apparently his wife isn't part of his "family?"

Denny Moore was a JOCo DA, like Paul Morrison, demorat male, does he have a staffer named Linda in his office too?

obviously Denny Moore is not running because he knew this time he'd be toast. that because of porkulus and the healthcare debacle.

taxation against representation.

texburgh 8 years, 2 months ago

To say it is Yoder's budget is a little unfair. That gives Yoder too much credit for brains. Yoder simply swears blind allegiance to Mike O'Neal. Yoder doesn't care about the schools or public safety, or services for the disabled and seniors. He doesn't care about highways or anything Kansas at all. Yoder only asks, "What's in it for me, Kevin Yoder?" That's why he was an active young Democrat at KU - because it helped him be a big shot on campus. That's why when he moved to Johnson County he pretended to be a moderate pro-public school Republican - because it helped him get elected to the House. That's why he turned into an extreme right wing anti-government Republican - because O'Neal only appoints right wing extremists who will do his bidding as committee chairs. Yoder even has gone so far as to invent a family and dog for his campaign literature - because the voters like young married couples with sweet children and dogs. It doesn't matter that they weren't his kids and it wasn't his dog - because it looked good and helped elect Kevin Yoder. Look for a brand new Kevin Yoder in his campaign for congress. What you elect will not be what you voted for.

tinroof 8 years, 2 months ago

That's some pretty hefty judgment to be wielding there texburgh. I understand lots of folks are cynical about our candidates but personally I prefer candidates that grow, learn, and improve. Yoder has run on fiscal responsibility platforms in the past, presented his views to the public, and he now fights to reduce government spending because, as he has told us voters, it's what he believes in. The fact that he has grown since his years in college should not be employed to paint the almost childishly insulting picture above. If you're going to draw such negative inferences, and throw your stones in a counterproductive manner, I would suggest you gain an understanding of who and what you're talking about first rather than regurgitating the remarks of folks with agendas who themselves don't know Yoder. And on the intelligence cheap shot, he's an attorney and has numerous accomplishments which indicate he is an extremely intelligent guy.

The other comments don't really even deserve retort: "He doesn't care about ... anything Kansas at all?" Seriously? He has spent much of his professional life volunteering or near-volunteering his time to political institutions and other organizations, and you hold that against him?

Jimo 8 years, 2 months ago

"That's some pretty hefty judgment to be wielding there texburgh."

But dead-on accurate! Ambition is a great thing in an entrepreneur but a dangerous thing in a politician.

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