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Poet’s Showcase: ‘How the Tomb Must Have Wept’

April 4, 2010


How the tomb must have wept
As You lay there in its darkness —
The deepest dark the tomb had ever known.

How it must have trembled
As those solid shoulders shook
With each sob from within the tomb.

How the tomb must have wept
As it looked around — seeing You
Lying, as cold as its very stone.

How the stars still hovered
As they still kept watch;
Yet, the tomb was covered and couldn't see the light.

How the tomb must have wept
As it waited in tremoring fear.
Did the world too hear its cries?

How it must have been pained
As it held You in its grasp.
Needing comfort, yet weeping from the inside out.

Oh! How that tomb must have wept!

— Shannon Rasmussen lives in Lawrence.


Steve Bunch 8 years ago

Please, please, please, no more "Poet's Showcase."

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