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Man arrested after innappropriate comment

April 4, 2010


A 33-year-old man was arrested Saturday on charges of sexual battery. According to Lawrence police Sgt. Mark Warren, the man approached a 27-year-old man in his yard on the 2100 block of Tennessee Street. The 33-year-old asked for a cigarette. When the 27-year-old gave it to him, Warren said, the man patted him on the cheek and offered to perform oral sex.


BruceWayne 7 years ago

Multi- the answer is no. There will be no follow up. This LJWorld is the absolute worse at following up. How did the auction go out at the tree service/ meth house? Who owned the Zebra that mauled the young college football player? Just a few that come to mind.

Corey Williams 7 years ago

You probably wouldn't have anything to worry about, nancyboy.

jaywalker 7 years ago

'innappropriate'? Did someone seize a B & B?

And what exactly was the charge for an arrest in this matter? Undesired advances? Did he pat the southern cheek?

OldEnuf2BYurDad 7 years ago

"But men act like this to women they meet in Downtown Lawrence nightlife, and it's standard operating procedure."

So, are you saying that the Lawrence nightlife is the standard of decency? This guy needed to get arrested. He's lucky the young guy didn't deal with it himself.

Monica Miller 7 years ago

Did he offer him 2 cheeseburgers first?

verity 7 years ago

I can't believe it---I actually agree with lawrenceguy40.

Women have been subjected to this kind of crap probably since the beginning of humans. If we called the law over every indecent proposal or unwanted touch, they would have no time for anything else. We mostly just take care of it ourselves.

staff04 7 years ago

"TomShewmon (Tom Shewmon) says… Glad I live out in the woods."

I bet you are, big guy.

Liberty275 7 years ago

This is what runaway abandonment of the first amendment leads to. Bask in your glory, homosexual community and those of you that support them when they complain about speech they don't like. You cheer people that sue Fred Phelps, now the same pretenses that enabled those frivolous lawsuits are being used against one of you for making an off-hand sexual suggestion.

Enjoy the bite of karma. You deserve it.

Jay Keffer 7 years ago

What prevents a woman from calling the police? I would think the police would take it even more seriously than what happened here. If a man approached a woman in her yard, and acted this way, she SHOULD call the police. No inequity, just inaction by females.

Liberty275 7 years ago

"If I had a nickel for everytime a woman made a sexual remark/advance to me, I'd be rich!"

I'd be able to pay cash for you!

Graczyk 7 years ago


A woman telling you to "go screw yourself" isn't a sexual advance.

Graczyk 7 years ago

If I had a nickel for every time I struck out, well, I'd be an ugly rich man. But if I was rich, would I still strike out?

pooter 7 years ago

And just what was going on in the background during the deliverance of this proposition, dueling banjos?


Tom Miller 7 years ago

Graczyk, ya made me spew coffee out my nose! 2FF, but primarily because I get that from time to time I've stated before, the ladies used to look at they just keep an eye on me...LOL!

Tom Miller 7 years ago

...and, in reference to the ORIGINAL train of thought here, sickos are EVERYwhere, and you simply can NOT be too careful... to wit:

Tom Miller 7 years ago

ooops...wrong thread...mea culpa, all!

tomatogrower 7 years ago

You mean I could have had all those creeps arrested who were trying to pick me up when I was young and pretty? If only I had known. Or are they only arrested when it's a same sex situations.

tomatogrower 7 years ago

TomShewmon (Tom Shewmon) says… But, just the same, if I had a nickel for everytime some feminazi gave me the cold shoulder or dagger eyes, I'd be even richer!

So every woman was suppose to just say yes? Ick.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

If I had a nickel everytime I heard some dude tooting his own horn on how virile and desireable a specimen of man that they were, I'd be a rich man. And if I had to refund it every time it turned out to be delusion or exaggeration, I'd be close to all the way back to square one.

puddleglum 7 years ago

If i had a nickel for everytime my wireless took a dump (it always happens on a nice weather-sunday)..... I could hang out with Tom, he sure has a pretty mouth

beatrice 7 years ago

If I had a nickle for everytime someone said, "If I had a nickle for everytime ...", I'd be rich with nickles!

Maybe there is more to this story, such as solicitation. Maybe the guy offered to perform the act for a nickle.

pooter 7 years ago

Evidently the 27 year old found the entire proposition just a little to hard to swallow.


LadyJ 7 years ago

Does this mean he will be on the sex offender registry for life for propositioning someone? If found guilty. it opens the door for women or men to have members of the opposite sex, or same sex, arrested since you cannot discriminate. Wonder if the 27yr old ever did the same thing to a female? Bet he wouldn't have thought it warranted being arrested. Guess what, it's the same thing. Welcome to our world, oh and like we were always told "you should be flattered"

denak 7 years ago

21-3517. Sexual battery. (a) Sexual battery is the intentional touching of the person of another who is 16 or more years of age, who is not the spouse of the offender and who does not consent thereto, with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of the offender or another. (b) Sexual battery is a class A person misdemeanor.

For those who are interested: He wasn't arrested so much for what he said, but what he did. Has he just said something lewd, that probably would have been the end of it, but as the statutes reads, he went from being stupid to commiting a crime when he touched the other individual.

Also, this is a misdemeanor. The man probably will pay a fine and be done with it.


jaywalker 7 years ago

A touch on the cheek is a misdemeanor? Or even classifies as sexual battery? Please. Even if it was the southern cheek that's a bit much. For the love (pardon the pun), but be a man and deal with it. Shouldn't need to bring the police into it.

equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

He made an "inn-appropriate" remark--thus, it was "inappropriate". Bet I'd be a better copyeditor than what the LJWorld has on staff now.

denak 7 years ago

A touch on the cheek is a misdemeanor?

It didn't say which cheek he was patted on. :)

Reuben Turner 7 years ago

you should've just said no and sent him on; y'alls making a mountain out of a molehill

pooter 7 years ago

The bum should have just stuck to blowing smoke.


bearded_gnome 7 years ago

cheeky bastid.

geez. I have been propositioned once by another man, I just simply told him no, and that my wife was better looking. for some reason I had to tell the idjiot three times. didn't file any charges or report the guy, but he shortly lost his job and thus had no more contact with me.

now as to being propositioned by the opposite sex, for you know that all womyn are oppositional to some degree or other [its a joke FGS!], I have to agree with the above, the rate of these coming in has slowed for some reason in recent years.

JKBagby 7 years ago

A BJ for a cigarette? He drives a hard bargain. A real stiff proposition. Ah, but that's just so much lip service, I would not count on the delivery.

compmd 7 years ago

KSA 21-3517. Sexual battery. (a) Sexual battery is the intentional touching of the person of another who is 16 or more years of age, who is not the spouse of the offender and who does not consent thereto, with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of the offender or another.

Had the man arrested not patted the other man's cheek when making his offer, there would be no crime.

pooter 7 years ago

If this ever goes to trial hopefully the judge will issue a gag order so all the sticky details don't come out in the open.


monkey_c 7 years ago

"The jails are full, the courts are closing down several times a week. Come on, people, let us stop calling the cops every time someone looks at us the wrong way." That would be fine except you're aren't allowed to sock someone in the kisser for being offensive. Someone, somewhere ought to teach someone sometime how to act. Civility and street brawls aren't what they used to be.

pooter 7 years ago

For once a story that didn't end up getting blown out of proportion.

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