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Convicted rapist accused of winking

April 4, 2010


— A convicted rapist had to be removed from a Shawnee County courtroom before his sentencing hearing was finished after he allegedly winked at the victim and her family.

Forty-two-year-old Ralf Moises Mondonedo was to have been sentenced Friday, but the judge ruled he would have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation first.

Mondonedo was convicted Nov. 18 of several charges related to the sexual assault of a female relative.

The girl was 15 and 16 during the assaults. Authorities said she was impregnated by Mondonedo and underwent an abortion.

The victim was crying on the shoulder of her mother during the hearing.

Mondonedo has denied he sexually assaulted the teenager.

He graduated from a law school but didn’t become a lawyer in Kansas.

He is a former employee of the Kansas Attorney General’s Office.


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