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Style scout: Ameera Jackson

April 1, 2010


Note: After a long run of great style scouting, this is Katy’s last couple. You can still find her on her blog at We wish her the very best!

Ameera Jackson.

Ameera Jackson.

Ameera Jackson

Age: 5.
Sign: Virgo.
Hometown: Lawrence.
Current town: Overland Park.
Occupation: Preschooler.

What were you doing when scouted: I was at my mom’s art opening.

What are your favorite things to wear: I like to wear dress-ups and fancy clothes. I like ballet or princess dresses, high heels and stuff with sparkles. My favorite colors are blue or green or red or pink.

What are your least favorite things to wear: I don’t like gray or ripped clothes.

Who is your favorite princess: Sleeping Beauty. I like that she has fairies for protectors. I think I’m getting two wobbly teeth, and the Tooth Fairy will bring a quarter or dime or lollipop.

What do you like to do for fun: I like to go to the park and play on the slides or the swings and the jungle gym. I like to play with my best friend. She’s 4, and I like her because she gets grumpy sometimes, but she cools off really fast. We like to play Supergirl or have lemonade stands. My favorite thing is to play dolls. I like to play with my mermaid dolls and Barbies. I just got a new Barbie today.

What do you like about Overland Park: I like that there’s a pool and a park next to each other not very far from my house. I like riding on my bike. I also like Deanna Rose Farm. It’s kind of like a farm except it has activities, too. There’s things like mining for pretty rocks, fishing, horseback riding and a hayride. You can feed baby goats with bottles, too.

What do you like about Lawrence: I like to see Nana and go to the dragon pool. I also like to go to a park that has a rope that looks kind of like the Eiffel Tower, and you can climb it.

Who do you look like: I kind of look like my friend Taisha.

What’s your favorite movie: “The Sandlot.” These boys lose a ball with Babe Ruth signed on it, and this really bad dog gets all the balls. They think the owner of the dog is mean, but he’s really pretty nice, and he gives them his ball with every single player signed on it.

Tell us a secret: One thing that I really keep a secret from my dad is I have a boyfriend.

Dress: A gift from Nana.


librarian 8 years, 1 month ago

So will this feature be gone or just Katy not writing it anymore? I really enjoy reading these!

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