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100 years ago: Students protest new football rules

April 1, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for April 1, 1910: A mass meeting of students last night at the university said they want their football “straight” and with the old rules rather than the newer ones that include so many aspects of rugby. They favor American football and those who have played rugby say the new plan is not what is really wanted. . . . Two men from Topeka working in a crane well at the Santa Fe depot ran into a nest of black water moccassins and had quite a duel before killing them all. The older snake was particularly aggressive but they escaped harm with quick action. . . . Spring is upon us and that means a number of tramps coming through. Every effort will be made to prevent them from stopping to cause trouble and to keep them moving. . . . Plans of businessmen in the 700 block of Massachusetts to make it a “great white way” will soon reach fruition. This block will be easily the best-illuminated part of town. There will be many candle power tungsten lights on both sides of the street.


BorderRat 7 years, 11 months ago

I guess when they quit being tramps and became "homeless" that's when the city decided to build them a shelter.

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