Save money with sites and apps

Even if you’re trying to cut back on spending, let’s face it, you still have to shop — and maybe even treat yourself to the occasional splurge.

If you have a juicy coupon or there’s a big sale going on, it can be tough to resist. And there’s no better place to troll for discounts than the Web.

These days there are new technologies that allow you to shop — and save — in a whole new way. ShopSmart, the shopping magazine published by Consumer Reports, recently revealed the best new online shopping sites and phone applications that will help you buy what you need and get the best deal every time.

“According to our new poll, among women who have shopped online in the past 12 months, a whopping 61 percent of their shopping is done on the Internet,” said Lisa Lee Freeman, the editor-in-chief of ShopSmart. “To help these tech-savvy women save even more time and money, we deployed a team of researchers to find the newest shopping sites and apps.”

Cool new shopping sites

Alice ( lets you buy household staples like detergent directly from manufacturers for less. has loads of coupons from 7,000 retailers.

Covet ( is a virtual personal shopper that helps find on-sale clothes in your style and size.

IMshopping sends your shopping questions to an expert, who usually answers within a few hours. tracks down what you want by color, style, material or detail, such as pattern or shape.

Modista zeros in on the exact shoe, handbag or other accessory to get to the right e-tailer in one click.

NetHaggler has a Web tool called the hagglet that lets you “tag” an item and wait for a price drop, “nag” a merchant for a better price or “haggle” as a group for bargain deals.

Top iPhone shopping apps

Coupon Sherpa finds scannable coupons for shoes, clothing and even jewelry at major retailers. (iPhone; free)

MobiQpons finds scannable coupons from your favorite stores and blocks offers from stores you don’t like. (iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android; free)

Check Please lets you split the check and figure out the tip. (iPhone; free)

Sale Price calculates the actual sale price of an item, factoring in coupons and tax. (iPhone; free)

Epicurious lets you search for recipes and create a shopping list. (iPhone; free)

Grocery Gadget Lite keeps your grocery list online, with photos, and arranges items in the order they’re found in the store. (iPhone; free)

ShopSavvy turns your phone’s camera into a bar-code scanner to find prices locally and online, then gives you a link to the site or driving directions to the store. (Google Android, also expected for the iPhone; free)