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Medical Center official to discuss health care reform

September 28, 2009


A Kansas University leader will address the Top 10 myths about health care reform during a public presentation.

Marcia Nielsen, vice chancellor for public policy and planning at KU Medical Center, will be the speaker, and the event is set for 7:30 p.m. Oct. 7 at the Dole Institute of Politics, 2350 Petefish Drive.

“Health reform is one of the most important public policy issues of our time, but it is complicated, confusing and too many pieces have been taken out of context,” Nielsen said. “To understand what Congress is debating, we need to begin by separating fact from fiction.”

Before returning to KU Medical Center in July, Nielsen was executive director of the Kansas Health Policy Authority.

While at KHPA, Nielsen oversaw administration of Kansas Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, the State Employee Health Program and the State Self-Insurance Fund that provides workers compensation coverage to state employees.

She spent a decade in Washington, D.C., working as a legislative assistant to former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey, D-Neb., during the debate over comprehensive health care reform in the 1990s. She also was a health lobbyist and assistant director of legislation for the AFL-CIO.


skinny 8 years, 8 months ago

Keep the Government out of the Health Care Business.

Bruce Bertsch 8 years, 8 months ago

skinny...What no Medicare, no Medicade, no VA?

tbaker 8 years, 8 months ago

How about "keep the government out of any further involvement in the health care business" and see that they fix whats severely screwed with the health care programs they already have.

The senate finance committee version of the health care legislation provides a penalty that would send a person to prison for up to a year if they fail to buy a health insurance policy. These of course are the people who the government decides can afford to buy health insurance, but chose not to.

Someone please tell me where our constitution says the federal government can force me to buy something. Its no wonder this whole idea is so unpopular, and getting more so by the day. I can see why they want to pass bills without anyone reading them.

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