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Kansas Masons announce $2 million KU cancer campaign

Foundation to support efforts for NCI designation, which would widen access to more research, treatment

September 25, 2009


— The Kansas Masonic Foundation on Friday announced a $2 million campaign to support the Kansas University Cancer Center’s efforts to achieve National Cancer Institute designation.

“We are pleased to celebrate our efforts to date, and to spread the word about Campaign 2011," said Jeff Sowder, president of the Kansas Masonic Foundation.

“Kansas Masons take great pride in the cutting-edge research being done at the University of Kansas Cancer Center and we are pleased to assist KU as it makes application for NCI designation,” he said.

KU hopes to apply for NCI designation in two years. Officials say the designation will ensure that Kansans have greater access to cancer research and treatment.

“Support from organizations like the Kansas Masonic Foundation will help us achieve National Cancer Institute designation,” said Gov. Mark Parkinson, who, along with Lt. Gov. Troy Findley and KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, attended a news conference recognizing the Kansas Masons,

The Kansas Masonic Foundation has supported cancer research programs at KU for more than 34 years and has raised $21 million in the quest for NCI designation. In 2008, it completed a $15 million campaign.

For the new $2 million campaign, Kansas Masons and their friends have already raised $700,000.

“This funding will help us advance cancer awareness and research throughout the region," said Dr. Roy Jensen, director of the KU Cancer Center. “We are very grateful for our continued partnership with the Kansas Masonic Foundation,” he said.

There are nearly 25,000 Masons, who represent 244 Masonic lodges in Kansas.


Liberal 4 years, 6 months ago

Why did the headline in the paper not have Masons capitalized. I see they corrected it, in the online version.

Realty_Check Masons have been around for hundreds of years the idea that they are going anywhere or are on their last legs is false. Penguin is correct in that Masonry is growing, it seems to have skipped a generation, many younger Masons had a grandfather as a Mason but not their father. I would say this had more to do with the dropping out and turning on of the sixties. Some people are looking to grow, looking for a place to contribute.

Masons, as Marion mentioned meet on the level, all are equal in the lodge. Dr.'s, Attorneys, Plumbers, every field you can think of is represented. Politics in not discussed allowing for brotherhood with Liberals and Conservatives and everyone in between.


penguin 4 years, 6 months ago

Actually the ranks are growing steadily across the US. There are a number I can think of that are 50 and under now. Some of that due to the recent appearances in pop culture. Also there is no drinking allowed in the lodge.


Reality_Check 4 years, 6 months ago

I just hope all of the Masons don't die off before they sign the checks. All of the social organizations like the Masons are on their last legs...younger people would rather stay home and watch tv than go to the meeting hall to drink and see friends.


Danimal 4 years, 6 months ago

Wait, I thought that the Masons were supposed to be some kind of evil secret society, at least that's what Nicolas Cage and the History channel keep telling me.


Marion Lynn 4 years, 6 months ago

Thank you.

You are all on the level.


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