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100 years ago: KU department called on for help

September 23, 2009


From the Lawrence Daily World for Sept. 22, 1909: “The Kansas University bacteriology department has been called in by state health director Dr. S.C. Crumbine to solve a most mysterious disease which has been prevalent in northeast Kansas, leaving death in its wake. Thirteen deaths out of 40 cases is the record made by the disease which has made its appearance in Norton and Decatur counties in the last 30 days. It is known as infantile paralysis but it does not confine itself to children. Two of the 13 who have died are adults and they died within 48 hours after they were attacked. Experts like Dr. Crumbine are baffled and they have sent to the university for help. All efforts are being made to determine the cause and the way to treat the cases.”


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