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Mark’s on the Move: Hunters use calls to attract animals

The folks at Cabela's offer duck call tips and strategies for hunters this fall.

September 20, 2009


Hunter David Wade uses his duck call to attract the attention of water fowl in the area. “You want to mimic that real duck,” he says.

Hunter David Wade uses his duck call to attract the attention of water fowl in the area. “You want to mimic that real duck,” he says.

Editor’s note: Reporter Mark Boyle takes us behind the scenes of news stories in the area. On the brink of hunting season, Mark took a trip to Cabela’s in Kansas City, Kan., to learn about hunting calls.

Sept. 13, Sept. 21 and Oct. 31. They are the dates that avid Kansas hunters have had their sights set on all off-season long.

Teal season for duck has officially begun, with archery season for deer just days away and the official goose and duck season to follow at the end of October.

Many hunters take to the fields with just their daily supplies and rifle, but others believe the use of hunting calls can drastically improve a hunter’s odds and add some challenge to the sport also.

“You want to mimic that real duck,” said David Wade, who has been duck calling since childhood. “Can it be accomplished to be a perfect complete sound to sound like a real duck? It can’t, but we try to get as close as we can.”

John Timchak has been calling for more than 15 years and takes part in competitions. “A predator calling competition is two days of hunting,” Timchak said. “It’s like a fishing tournament — you go out and call for two days and you weigh in at the end of each day. Largest number and most weight wins.”

Jordan Taber carries four calls with him when hunting, one of which he carries with him at all times, hunting season or not.

“A lot of guys, as soon as season closes, will hang up their calls and they don’t pick them up until the season starts again,” Taber said. “It gives you something to do in the off-season when there isn’t anything to shoot. Anyone who knows me knows I always have my goose call on me.”

Cabela’s conducts calling competitions throughout the year including that of turkey, duck and goose. The goal behind the popular activity isn’t just to practice techniques used during hunting season, but also to bring some fun to the sport for youngsters.

“We try to concentrate on the youth in terms of getting the youth involved with the calling competitions because they are really our future,” said Jimmy Lopez, promotions coordinator for Cabela’s in Kansas City, Kan. “It’s fun, we try to make it fun, but it turns out to be more competitive than anything.”

Hunting calls and instructional DVDs can be purchased for $20 and go up to as much as $200. The hunters we spoke with all agree that regardless of your financial investment, the fun and experience that goes along with the addition of calls into your hunting experience repays itself time and time again.


FTGbuddy 4 years, 7 months ago

Tom........they're at Cabela's dude. Not somebody's "suburbanite neighborhood assoc. operated lake". You're missing the point. It's about how to use the game calls. It ain't ESPN outdoors. WAKA.........if man isn't supposed to eat animals, why did God make them out of meat? And how does Afghan/Iraq have anything to do with duck calling? Wow........some people sure can weave a web. Great article little buddy!!!!! I need to spend some quality time on Roy's slough. GO SOONERS!!!!!!!


Multidisciplinary 4 years, 7 months ago

waka sighting out of the blue on a sunday evening ..

that ain't right


autie 4 years, 7 months ago

a waka sighting! dude killin animals is fun.


waka1 4 years, 7 months ago

dude killin animals anit cool why dont you do us all a favar hunters and kill yourselfs


Tom Shewmon 4 years, 7 months ago

Why do they shoot a pic. of a semi-tame domesticated duck, on a man-made suburbanite neighborhood association operated lake?

I question someone who lives like that just as much as far-left idealogues question those who hunt.


BlackVelvet 4 years, 7 months ago

I take it then, that planetwax doesn't eat anything. Beef, pork, chicken...all living creatures. Fruits, vegetables, living things. Other "life forms."

Some of us hunt. I prefer venison to beef, as it's leaner and therefore better for me. I go out into the woods and harvest (humanely) my own meat.


kujayhawk 4 years, 7 months ago

Easy with the stereotypes, Boris. Knowing you like to hunt, I'm sure I could rattle off a few stereotypes about you, too.


Boris 4 years, 7 months ago

Shutup waxhead! If you don't like to hunt then don't, but also donot attempt to tell me what to do! Go put on your Birkenstocks, get in your Subaru (pronounced thubaru), go get yourself a latte and leave the rest of us alone!


planetwax 4 years, 7 months ago

Why is it fun to kill living creatures? Until we respect the lives of other life forms, we won't be able to respect the lives of other humans. Afghanistan and Iraq can attest to that.


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