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Work begins Monday on 23rd Street repaving project

September 18, 2009


Early work starts Monday for upgrading a 1.2-mile stretch of one of the busiest streets in Lawrence.

Crews are scheduled to start working Monday morning on sidewalks, curbs and a median at the intersection of 23rd and Louisiana streets — the first phase of a project to repave 23rd from Ousdahl Road to Barker Avenue.

The entire $556,399 project will be expected to last into early October, with hopes for having smooth pavement in place, lane markings down and traffic flowing easily once again by the time fans start arriving for Kansas University’s Big 12 football opener, Oct. 10, against Iowa State.

“If we have good weather like we’ve been having, and it’s not raining everyday, they’ll be done Oct. 9 at that absolute latest,” said Dave Cronin, a project manager for the city’s Department of Public Works.

Next week’s work will be focused at the intersection of 23rd and Louisiana, which handles about 47,000 vehicles on a typical day. Crews will be working out of the traffic lanes except when cutting through the median that crosses 23rd, between the corners occupied by Checkers and Walgreens stores, to accommodate a relocated crosswalk.

Work on the road’s surface should start Oct. 5, Cronin said, with crews stripping off the top two inches of pavement during the day. Then, later in the week, crews plan to work overnight to put down new asphalt pavement and lane markings during periods of relatively sparse traffic.

Disruptions should be minimal for the 30,000 or so vehicles that move along the stretch of 23rd each day, he said.

“There will always be a lane open in each direction,” Cronin said. “Traffic will always be able to have at least one lane to get through.”


haggisgirl 8 years, 4 months ago

“There will always be a lane open in each direction,” Cronin said. “Traffic will always be able to have at least one lane to get through.”

That's laughable. Look out residents living along the side streets. Those 30,000 cars will be heading your way.

ddayot 8 years, 4 months ago

if ku is back in session it MUST be time to do roadwork on a major street.

Susan Mangan 8 years, 4 months ago

I don't think Haggis was saying there shouldn't be any delays. I believe she was pointing out the incredible stupidity of suggesting there will be "minimal delays", as they claim. That road has horriffic delays during a normal business day. One lane is going to make the drive astronomically longer. Does anyone who is on the City Commission ever drive 23rd, or do they spend all of their time going from West Lawrence to downtown, and back?? Maybe they really don't realize?? And, seriously...why do they always wait for the influx of 28,000 more people before starting major road work?

gccs14r 8 years, 4 months ago

Because the time to do street repair is between mid-May and mid-August. Besides, they're not really repairing it, they're just putting fresh asphalt on top of the old stuff. It'll be back to being total crap in a year or two.

They need to put in a 4-lane flyover at least from the railroad bridge to out past Kasold (it should be from Harper to Wakarusa, but nobody's going to spend that much money), with ramps at Louisiana and Iowa (and Haskell and Kasold), then tear 23rd out down to the dirt and redo it from scratch.

cowboy 8 years, 3 months ago

As i was sitting in the first of three traffic jams today trying to cross town I overheard the guy in the car next to me " What frigging pinhead decided to work on this road in September after the kids are back ?" Ok really it was me railing. 19th street cooked , 23 rd cooked , 31st cooked. No where to run or hide from this major clusterpuck.

Deserves a SNL update "Really " segment You're gonna tear it up after LHS is back and KU in session...Really

There will be little traffic problems...Really

It'll only take a couple weeks....Really

Everyone will be patient....Really

We are roadbuilding wizards...Really

Were only putting down 2 " of asphalt so we can do it again in 3 years....Really

Whatya mean the county uses four inches and their roads last 6-7 years....Really

Saw my first couple of cases of road rage today , should only get worse over the next week.

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