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Woman arrested on indecent liberties charge

September 15, 2009


A 32-year-old Lawrence woman was arrested Monday on charges of aggravated indecent liberties with a child and child abuse.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office booking log, the woman was arrested at 7:15 p.m. at the police office at 4820 Bob Billings Drive.


fubared 8 years, 8 months ago

how do you know this about that guy its not in the paper

fubared 8 years, 8 months ago

i dont care if its my first post or 1000th post i just asked a question thx for answering. i have seen it several times reading what others have posted and just wondered how one knew it without being on the inside

sherbert 8 years, 8 months ago

Smitty - where do yo see the addresses?

alm77 8 years, 8 months ago

Smity that was 19:06 (ten minutes earlier), but I don't see that he was charged??

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