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Public option, yes

September 13, 2009


To the editor:

Obama’s speech Wednesday night ensured my viewpoint on the need for health care reform, its necessity and its potential, but he didn’t say much about a public option.

I believe that part of our biggest problem in health care has to do with how insurance companies manipulate the system and heavily profit from their greedy tactics. Up to this point, there hasn’t been a way to overcome the damage they cause. It’s complete corruption and needs to stop. The only way to make it happen is with the support of the people running our government by demanding a true public option.

We can’t leave loopholes/triggers/co-ops that will inevitably compromise our health care. How can we call ourselves American if we don’t care about the people’s well-being? Don’t support anything that doesn’t include a strong public option. Any other decision allows the corruption to continue.


jaywalker 8 years, 8 months ago

Cryin' shame, Leslie, that even without explanation you believe the 'public option' is the miracle cure here. Woeful.

The 'corruption' you want to place in the laps of the insurers is our government's creation. By sticking their big fat beaks into the free market system, they've tied insurers hands when it comes to competition. Why is it so many policies aren't portable? Move or lose your job, chances are you lose your health policy. We've got federal tax incentives in place that benefit those that get their coverage through an employer, but buy an individual policy and you get........bupkiss. And each state government gets to set the mandates (after considerable lobbying) for what gets covered, by whom, and where. Swell.
How 'bout we get the guv to rescind the restrictions they've hampered the industry with and allow that which they claim their 'public option' will deliver to happen naturally; that is interstate competition. The government need not get in the game to create competition and thus lower prices, they just need to let insurers compete nationwide instead of restricting them to regions or states. If my life, home, and car insurance can go with me whereever I go, why not health insurance?

mom_of_three 8 years, 8 months ago

If there are so many insurance options out there for government to stay out of health insurance, then why are there so many uninsured people in the country? Because it's too freaking expensive!!!!!! Perhaps the public option will give the uninsured in this country an option they can afford.
Think about the man featured on KMBC on Friday night. His son had a stroke or something at age 11, and 6 years later is still in a wheelchair. Wife takes care of the son, and the man/father was laid off of his job six months ago. He is going to have a hard time finding a job because of his son's health needs. Probably why he was laid off. And with a pre-exisiting condition, his son may not qualify for health insurance. This shouldn't happen. And there are others just like him, with pre-exisiting expensive conditions who may have trouble finding work because companies are so concerned with health care costs. People shouldn't lose their homes due to illness.

jaywalker 8 years, 8 months ago

"Perhaps the public option will give the uninsured in this country an option they can afford"

Right. Suddenly it's magically low-cost for everyone.

Richard Heckler 8 years, 8 months ago

Voters Approve of Public Option by 70%


Isn't this ONE of the reasons democrats were swept back into the majority?

Richard Heckler 8 years, 8 months ago

After both republican home loan scandals, medicare and social security are a blessing to those who lost their retirement plans in the process.

The problem is not about government insurance or that government insurance would be bad. It's about the high profit insurance business throwing tons of health care dollars at legislators who are influenced with money and plenty of it.

And it's all about legislators as shareholders....yes their personal money making portfolios. They are among those who love to make money off the misfortune of others. There are plenty of those types waging war against smart medical insurance. OH YES the nations shareholders are also a problem even though the reckless spending med insurance industry is screwing them out of big dividend dollars... the romance of Wall Street dumbs them down.

Medicare Insurance For All would be most attractive to small business,large business and familes/individuals. It's the only one that makes dollars and sense. It makes sense and would require much less money to operate because all of it could be done under one umbrella which saves money.

Medicare is in place ready to for all to use. Some fine tuning is all that would be necessary. HR 676 is the key to fiscally responsible medical insurance for all.

HR 676: Smart Medical Insurance Improves Our Quality of Life And Our Wallets! http://www.healthcare-now.org/

National Health Insurance does not remove competition from the actual health care industry. It will be alive and well. Profits will be based on customer service and clinic performance based on the clients experience. This is my perception of competition.

This is the only insurance program that substantially reduces the cost of medical insurance across the board: http://www.healthcare-now.org/

Richard Heckler 8 years, 8 months ago

City,state and national elected officials love their insurance because we taxpayers pay for it PLUS our own. Okay taxpayers it's time we let our tax dollars pay for OUR medical insurance. Those tax dollars is OUR money. Let's bring those tax dollars back home.

Richard Heckler 8 years, 8 months ago

AFL-CIO Convention Endorses Single Payer Healthcare

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor federation representing 11.5 million workers in 57 international and national unions, has endorsed a single payer health care system as the best way to guarantee healthcare to everyone. The unanimous vote in favor of Convention Resolution 34, The Social Insurance Model for Health Care Reform, came immediately after President Obama had addressed the Convention last Tuesday.

The resolution states: “The experience of Medicare (and of nearly every other industrialized country) shows the most cost effective and equitable way to provide quality healthcare is through a single-payer system.” It continues: “We reiterate our longstanding call for congressional leaders to unite behind such a plan.”

Resolution 34 singles out HR 676 as one of a number of single-payer bills introduced in Congress and states: “The single-payer approach is one the AFL-CIO supports and that merits dedicated congressional support and enactment.” The Resolution concludes by stating: “Whatever the outcome of the current debate over health care reform in the 111th Congress, the task of establishing health care as a human right, not a privilege, will still lay before us.”

The Convention adopted Resolution 34 after a thirty minute debate in which 12 delegates spoke in favor of the resolution and a number of delegates who wished to speak were still standing at the four floor microphones when the time allotted to debate ran out. No one spoke against the resolution.

Those who spoke for the single payer resolution included three members of the AFL-CIO Executive Council, the Presidents of two state AFL-CIO federations, four Presidents or Executive Officers of Central Labor Councils, a high ranking official of the AFT who was chosen to speak in favor of the resolution by the AFT caucus and delegates from AFSCME and ILWU.

Rich Trumka, in his speech to the delegates immediately after being elected President of the AFL-CIO the following day, reiterated his support for single payer healthcare telling the delegates: “Now, I know that a lot of us would prefer a single payer plan. I sure would.”

Over 70 resolutions, an unprecedented number, were submitted to the Convention calling on the AFL-CIO to endorse single payer healthcare. More than 575 labor organizations, including 136 Central Labor Councils, 22 international and national unions, and 39 state AFL-CIO’s have endorsed HR 676, single payer legislation which has 87 sponsors in the House of Representatives. #30#

Distributed by: All Unions Committee For Single Payer Health Care--HR 676 c/o Nurses Professional Organization (NPO) 1169 Eastern Parkway, Suite 2218 Louisville, KY 40217 (502) 636 1551 Email: nursenpo@aol.com http://unionsforsinglepayerHR676.org 09/17/09

Richard Heckler 8 years, 8 months ago

We've worked together since the beginning of the healthcare debate to draw a line in the sand -- the choice of a public option must be included in any reform bill passed this year. And every time Republicans have tried to kill it or the insurance industry has claimed it's already dead, we've stood up and proven them wrong.

The new line from opponents of reform is that Congress doesn't have the votes to pass a public option.

Once again, thanks to you, we've proven them wrong.

We've asked everyone in Congress where they stand. At least 218 House and 51 Senate Democrats have said they would vote for the final healthcare bill if it included the choice of a public option rather than vote against the bill and kill reform. That means Congress has the majority votes needed to pass a public option -- TODAY.

Now is the season for action. The majority of Americans want it. Majority votes in Congress will pass it. Join President Obama in calling on Congress to get the job done this year.

John Dean 9/17/09

Richard Heckler 8 years, 8 months ago

The RINO's plan = kill reform will increase the cost as takes place annually. The insurance and some health care profiteers are spending about $5 million dollars a week to kill reform.... won't this increase the cost of insurance? This is an expense.

All of our doctors dislike the current system with gusto.

The nations jobs and ability to attract or develop new industry are at stake. We're talking jobs jobs jobs. Toyota recently opened another new plant in Canada.

Millions of jobs were lost during the Reagan/Bush Savings and Loan/home loan scandal(first one) and during the global economy push = outsourcing.

Then Bush/Quale came along.

Bush/Cheney lost 2 million in their first admin and 6 million during the second admin when the second home/loan scandal surfaced.

The USA is down about 20 million jobs. No new industry has been been developed to bring those jobs and their pay scales back = loss of national wealth.

Without Medicare for All Insurance, job and new industry development will remain in the negative column for years to come.

The USA insured cannot afford to have high CEO salaries,golden parachutes,shareholders, key legislators as shareholders and special interest political campaign contributions attached to the cost of medical insurance.

National Health Insurance does not remove competition from the actual health care industry. It will be alive and well. Profits will be based on customer service and clinic performance based on the clients experience. This is my perception of competition.

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