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Local students watch Obama’s back-to-school speech

Second-graders at Prairie Park School watch President Barack Obama’s address to school children Tuesday.

Second-graders at Prairie Park School watch President Barack Obama’s address to school children Tuesday.

September 8, 2009, 10:40 a.m. Updated September 8, 2009, 4:51 p.m.


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Do you mind that President Obama spoke to school children about education?

No I didn’t mind, and I think that taking your kid out of school just doesn’t make any sense.

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Obama addresses nation's school children

Obama made a televised address aimed at the nation's school children. His message involved staying in school and working hard. Students were not forced to watch the address. Enlarge video

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See how Lawrence students are reacting to Obama's speech

Teachers across the nation plugged in Tuesday so their students could watch President Obama’s televised back-to-school speech.

While Lawrence public schools did not require teachers to show the speech or students to watch it, most did, including second-graders at Prairie Park School.

“He talked very loud so the whole high school could hear him,” said student Melanie Meyer.

Obama, speaking from Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va., said that schoolwork takes practice and people aren’t born being good at everything.

After the speech, students discussed things they were good at and things they needed to work on.

“I’m good at handwriting,” said Colin Greenfield. “I need to work on my journal sometimes in the morning.”

Taylor Milhouse said she’s good at swimming and soccer, but needs to practice math. “And sometimes science,” she added.

The students watching Obama’s speech got the main idea: stay in school.

“If you don’t stay in school long enough you might not get a very good job and you won’t get paid very much,” said Milhouse.

Greenfield echoed the president’s sentiments.

“He was saying that you need to stay in school so you can learn,” Greenfield said. “You can learn a lot so you can be smart.”

Accommodations were made for the students whose parents didn’t want their children to view the speech.

You can also read the text of Barack Obama's speech, as it was prepared for delivery and distributed to the media.


ralphralph 7 years ago

Reminds me of Bush reading to kids while the 9/11 attacks unfolded. My thoughts, same now as then: this is not your job, Mr. President. Please get to work on your job.

Centerville 7 years ago

Please do a followup story about whether they took the White House suggestions that they read up on Zippy and post some of his quotations in large print on the classroom walls. Tedium personified.

7 years ago

Ralphralph: He was doing his job, helping kids understand that education is important. Therefore use prevention as a tool to keep these kids off the street and out of jail as to not tie up our tax dollars. Prevention is always cheaper and also better for our economy.

Christine Anderson 7 years ago

My fourth-grade son at Prairie Park was disappointed Michelle Obama did not appear at the speech; he has a massive crush on her.

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

I watched the speech and I don't see what the big deal is. He spoke to the children to encourage them to stay in school and work hard. I have no problem with that. So far I haven't heard of his blackness rubbing off on anyone if that's what everyone was so afraid of. Looks to me like all the hubbub was more about another attack on the POTUS than anything real. When will the fear-mongering end? When will all the right wing-nuts quit fighting him on every issue and help him do what's right for the country? Don't they have a party to rebuild?

Reuben Turner 7 years ago

to all the haters; just shut-up. always complaining and never doing anything to help a situation. most folks would rather see someone else's children fail rather than encourage them. this man was sending out an encouraging message and i believe it worked. some of you parents kept y'alls children from being encouraged because of your own hate and stupidity. no doubt that your children wanted to watch the speech w/ friends. anyway when y'all get through talking, arguing, booing, oowing and owhing. "he is still your president" lol. "he is still your president" and you can take that to the bank. i love it.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

Man, you can practically see the brainwashing taking hold! And this is a still picture, imagine what it must look like on video! I bet this pic was taken less than 30 seconds before they busted out the brownshirts and found some entrepreneur to tax to death.

classclown 7 years ago

I noticed this in that twitter box thing.

"My photographer just asked me want "indenting" was. As in indenting a paragraph. Good thing he's not a writer."

I love the smell of irony in the morning.

Christine Pennewell Davis 7 years ago

My girl did not watch the teacher recorded it and sent a note home yesterday for parents to fill out yes or no I kinda feel like her class got robbed but after all the noise I guess I understand why the teacher did it, but the school should have sent a note home on friday for that purpose.,

BigAl 7 years ago

jonas_opines (Anonymous) says… Man, you can practically see the brainwashing taking hold! And this is a still picture, imagine what it must look like on video! I bet this pic was taken less than 30 seconds before they busted out the brownshirts and found some entrepreneur to tax to death.

It must be terrible to have your kid brainwashed in the idea that education is good. It must be terrible to have your kids think that hard work will pay dividends.

By the way, please name me ONE entrepreneur that has been taxed specifically by the Obama Administration. Just one.

The hate and fear preached by the far right appears to be working on some people.

puddleglum 7 years ago

great, now they will all be socialists.

Keith 7 years ago

"be3 (Anonymous) says… My kids didn't partake in the cool-aid drinking, I held all three of them out of school yesterday. I won't let them be brainwashed by obamas socialist ideas."

Worried as you are by all the 'socialist' ideas wandering around our schools, I'm surprised you don't home school.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

haha. Big Al missed the boat. I love this place sometimes. Far right, kyahahaha

Think, don't react. (try, for instance, reading just 2 pages of my comments)

jonas_opines 7 years ago

3 pages, maybe. Lots of joking going on this morn'

Phil Minkin 7 years ago

If Newt Gingrich or Laura Bush, both of whom supported it, gave the same speech, those on the right would be falling all over themselves talking about it's stressing personal responsibility and discipline-good Republican values.

roger_o_thornhill 7 years ago

Beware of the people talking socialism. Many are perfectly willing to use incredible violence to protect their THINGS. Step back from the precipice or we are ALL going to suffer. You can oppose it, but violence to protect things--what god tells you that is OK?

The Christian god is a socialist! "When I was hungry, you gave me to eat; when I was thirsty you gave me to drink.

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to Me. Come and enter the house of My Father.

When I was a stranger, you opened your doors; when I was naked, you gave me clothes.

When I was tired, you gave me peace; when I was frightened, you calmed me down.

When I was small, you taught me to read; when I was lonely, you gave me your love.

I was in prison, you visited me; WhenI was sick and you took care of me.

In a strange country, you gave me a home; when I had no job, you found me one.

When I was wounded, you took care of it; looking for friendship, you gave me your hand.

Whether I was black, or white or yellow; mocked at or insulted, you carried my cross.

When I was old, you smiled at me; when I couldn't find peace, you brought it to me.

You saw me: full of spit and blood; dirty with sweat, still you said you knew me.

You were on My side in times of despise; in the hour of joy, we were together."

Sound familiar--or are too many of you mentally undressing the others in church when you are supposed to be paying attention?

jonas_opines 7 years ago

foodboy: True, but you should include that many supporting it now would be the one's howling about whatever.

Well, maybe not Mrs. Bush. Certainly Mr. Gingrich.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

He has no credibility, period. From pissing on the threads about the Jayhawk basketball teams to insulting the liberals, all he really has is a deep-seated hate for Lawrence, and the willingness to spin in any direction to confirm it.

local_support 7 years ago

"Liberals wallow in self pity and expect Republicans (successful, wealth creators) to pay for their failures."

Because EVERY Republican is successful and creates wealth, right?

beatrice 7 years ago

For the love of everything just in this world, I hope be3's children grow up to be gay vegan socialist tree-huggers who practice the Muslim faith while volunteering for Greenpeace.

oh, and it is "Kool-Aid," not cool-aid. You should know this If you are going to parrot the likes of Rush and O'Reilly.

youarewhatyoueat 7 years ago

I was young during the Clinton Administration, and my parents were very anti-Clinton. However, they still encouraged me to pay attention to his speeches, and figure out for myself it made sense, explained why they were against it, but also played devil's advocate when they heard me just repeating their criticisms. You know, they taught me how to think for myself, hoping perhaps I'd come to the same conclusions as them, but not because I was INDOCTRINATED but because I used logic to approach that conclusion. Simply put, my parents encouraged me and had faith that I would use logic in forming my political beliefs. My parents were not second-guessing what they believe in, they had nothing to be afraid of in letting me hear the then-president and decide for myself. They talked to me about it, never forbade me or sheltered me from it.

It's a tragedy for the children of these parents, that they'd rather INDOCTRINATE their children than give them the tools to decide for themselves. If y'all are so right, then what are YOU afraid of? Sounds to me like you're unsure of yourselves and don't trust your own children to make educated viewpoints as they grow older. What a shame for these children.

jimmyjms 7 years ago

"My kids didn't partake in the cool-aid drinking, I held all three of them out of school yesterday. I won't let them be brainwashed by obamas socialist ideas"

Be3, the text of the speech was available in advance of the speech. Since you've taken the laughable steps of keeping your children out of school because the POTUS gave a speech, perhaps you could identify the "brainwashing socialist" parts of the speech for us?

I'll even give you the link!

parrothead8 7 years ago

"My kids didn't partake in the cool-aid drinking, I held all three of them out of school yesterday. I won't let them be brainwashed by obamas socialist ideas."

Way to go! School...what a joke. Every day when I remember that minimum-wage job I got laid off from I think about what a waste of time school was.

remember_username 7 years ago

Mike Yoder / Editors – Amazing photo – please everybody look at it closely, could Spielberg have done a better job setting that up?

Grammaddy – The fear-mongering will end when there’s no money in it anymore.

Be3 – your children learned only about fear and avoidance. Next time watch it with them and rationally point out the evils within the speech so your children will learn to recognize these evils in the world around them. Of course there is a danger that the only thing they will learn is that their parent is an idiot.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

Do any of you actually think Be3 actually has children?

bluedawg79 7 years ago

I see the word 'socialist' being thrown around, typically unwarranted, in comments all over, and it's really bothersome to think that so many people see helping another human being in need such a vile idea and tie that ideology purely to socialism. I'm not saying that there should not be limits to the amount of assistance we give to others, but what an empty life you must lead being that selfish. Seeing all these comments, maybe instead of saying "America, the land of the free", we should say "America, the land of ME."

UlyssesPro 7 years ago

"Prevention is always cheaper and also better for our economy."

Hmm, Iraq War??? Prevented what??? Cost how much???

lounger 7 years ago

This is really cool! Nice to know he gives a Sh*t about our kids. I NEVER felt that way about G.W. and his lot. GO OBAMA!!!!!!!

Ernest Barteldes 7 years ago

Parents who kept their kids out of school because of the speech should have been visited by truant officers and heavily fined. At least they would learn not to behave like insular fools.

remember_username 7 years ago

Marion - I agree that a parent has the right to remove their children from school when they feel it's important. Hopefully not too often as mixed home schooling and public education could be confusing to the child. But really, what made that a political speech? Simply the fact that it was a politician talking? I read the speech again just now and failed to find any political posturing. I'd ask you to clarify your statement but don't bother. You seem to be so twisted with anti-Obama feelings that I would be wasting my time considering your response.

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

I can't believe anyone actually kept their kids home so they wouldn't be subjected to a speech on how staying in school and working hard to achieve your goals is how to get ahead in this world. Be3 should be charged with child endangerment at the very least. I never agreed with any of Bush's policies but I did expect my kids and grandkids to show him respect and listen to what he had to say.We also discussed the speeches afterwards. I think the hubbub around that speech was totally un-patriotic and disrespectful.

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