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Where to find book bargains

September 7, 2009


Exercise your mind, expand your vocabulary, and savor language with a renewed interest in literature. And read a book for less with these tips.

If you read two to three books per month, Books Free offers a monthly plan for just $13.99. Plans start as little as $10.99 per month. A used bookseller may seem like a more reasonable alternative, but just try to find a new release from a discount resale bookshop and you’ll see the value here. Very similar to Netflix, users create an online list of preferred titles, and Books Free ships them to you throughout the month with no extra charge.

Book Swim offers plans that allow users to take out multiple books at a time. The $19.95 basic monthly fee still permits readers to check out as many books as they choose. You aren’t locked into a contract and have a read-to-own option. Through Book Swim’s college textbook service, students can save up to 60 percent on books ordered online.

Because of the sheer number of sellers on this site, you’ll have a good chance of finding any title or author in good, used condition. Check out for current coupon codes. You also have the option to sell your media at Alibris.

Amazon continues to be a leader in online book sales — if it’s published, you can find it at Amazon. Look for free Super Saver Shipping items to get complimentary delivery on orders of $25 or more. Most mainstream titles will qualify.

Half Price Books

This Dallas-based used bookseller is a smart stop for book browsing. Rather than comb the sterile, unused titles at Border’s, each Half Price Books location is a treasure trove of new and used finds. If you’re looking for something specific, definitely call ahead; but for building your personal library, filling the board bookshelf, or scoring the next summer read, it’s worth a monthly trip. All paperbacks are half-price, and most hardcovers are at least 50 percent off or more.

Discount Book Clubs

Doubleday Book Club offers an introductory offer of four books for $.99 plus a free Dan Brown title and guarantees no automatic shipments. As a member you’ll save up to 50 percent off all titles with no obligation to buy. The book club route is great for folks who aren’t as selective in titles and authors and want to get savings on new books. Check out Scholastic’s book clubs offered to area teachers to buy titles at 60 percent — a great option for your child’s library.


Cait McKnelly 8 years, 9 months ago

  1. WHY do you want a new release? I've never seen the point of buying a book at full price on day of release unless it was a collectors item like Harry Potter or something. 2.Paying a "book service" is just flat out stupid when you have a community supported free library. 3.Half Price Books is my friend if it's a book I really want to own. Problem is, I live in a two bedroom apartment with over 1000 books now. Which leads me to....
  2. If you don't have a problem with reading books online go to
    Everyone of these is tremendously cheaper than the options mentioned in the article. If you're a voracious reader like me you can always find something to read and you can always find it for free.

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