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Boot camp: fall’s hottest look

September 7, 2009


The worst part about summer is giving up my collection of boots. For almost five whole months, some of my favorite shoes are abandoned, tucked away in a suitcase under my bed. I have to keep them there — otherwise, every time I catch sight of them, it breaks my heart. Poor little guys! Sitting at the back of my closet, waiting and waiting for any inkling of fall weather …

Plus, stuffing each pair with newspaper or shoeforms to keep their shape intact is such a drag!

Anyway, when it comes down to it, I think boots just make you feel powerful. Sometimes you just gotta stomp.

Most of us have a good pair of boots — one that we’ve really lived in (… says the 22-year-old ...) My favorite pair of boots have been beat-up, ripped-up, re-soled and back again. I wore them an entire semester in Europe — literally, I never changed my shoes. They went with everything, and they felt like a part of me — besides, they are fabulous!

So never get rid of your tried and true boots. But do remember, there’s always more room in your collection. Read on about a few new boots that should be on every woman’s fall wish list:


These will be the hottest footwear for anyone who’s in the know regarding fashion and trends this season. Last year, boots were gaining popularity throughout Europe and sneaking into the United States; however, unlike last year’s over-the-knee boots, which were mostly spotted in no-heel versions — now look for the sky-high boots, not only in the length but also in the heel. Wear your over-the-knee boots with short dresses, tights, leggings, skinny jeans or pleated trousers. Materials will vary, but I’m loving all versions suede. To get versatility and longevity out of your over-the-knee boots, look for a more pliable pair. If you can fold, roll or cuff the top of your boots, you can change your entire look.

Boots with laces/boots with tread:

Lace-up black boots always remind me of the Victorian era. Find updated versions with unique details, like a modern, cone heel. Also, don’t put away your summer versions, equipped with a peep toe. This fall, showing off your toes — covered by stockings, of course — is fun and sexy. Want another option? Pick up a pair of lace-up boots with treaded soles. Thank goodness someone finally created a fashion-forward, weatherproof, non-slip, high-heel, cute boot. The sporty trend from the summer generated an amazing winter shoe alternative.

Foldover boots:

The newest of the knee-length boots, the foldover boot, has a wide-leg upper-piece that almost looks like a separate attachment. Instead, its well-constructed, inside-out material is completely finished, glossed or bedazzled. These boots go from casual to ultra-glamorous: from double buckles hugging the calves to jewels on the toes, chunky wooden heels or thin, spiky stilettos. Keep in mind the material as well. A weathered leather tends to feel more comfortable and vintage; a PVC material gives off urban vibes, and a suede feels dressy and sophisticated.


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