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Moore cancels overcrowded event

September 2, 2009


Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Kan., canceled a Tuesday morning Overland Park panel discussion on senior health issues because of fire code concerns, a spokeswoman for the congressman said.

Rebecca Black said more people registered to attend the event than could be accommodated in the reserved space at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park.

Black said staff members were working to reschedule the event, and she said they had contact information for the people who had registered.

She also said that in the last week staff members had tried to notify people who had registered to attend the event about the change.

Congress is in the final week of its August recess, and several members have spent the last month meeting with constituents on health care issues. Moore announced earlier in August that his office received two threats and that he would meet only with smaller groups instead of having large town hall-style meetings.


rbwaa 7 years ago

Rather than cancel the event why was there not an effort to re-locate it to a larger setting?

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Hiding from the voters. Don't forget that next time an election rolls around.

labmonkey 7 years ago


Too many Dotte voters on the government's dime. He will always be reelected as long as he runs.

Practicality 7 years ago

Why not just let the first 100 people ( or whatever doesn't break the firecode) in, have the meeting, then turn around and have another one right after it?

Moore appears to use whatever reason possible to cancel events. Man up Moore, you chose this profession. At least Jenkins, who is staggering from her stupid comment, had the guts to come to the most contentious place in her district (Lawrence) and face the music. You could learn something from that Moore.

puddleglum 7 years ago

isn;'t he the racist that had that great white hope comment? maybe he is afraid of all the black voters?

cowboy 7 years ago

this was driven by , I got calls last week encouraging attendance at his town hall to support HC .

kidicarus 7 years ago

"Moore is taking orders from his party Komrades I'm sure."

As long as you are sure..

salad 7 years ago

Trying to make political hay, conservatards??? Yeah, better to violate firecodes, and OF COURSE larger venues will be available on a moments notice. A clue: you need to buy one. Why aren't you up in arms about the closed to the public forum that the three republican senators gave on Monday morning in KC to bash healthcare reform and plead for continuing the wonderful status quo we have???? Huh??? No complaints about a "press only" forum, eh??? Democrats have gone out of their way to accomodate public forums, which conservatards have used as yelling matchs, but republicans can't step-up. Weak = the right.

Bob_Keeshan 7 years ago

Did any of you read this article? Or are you simply willfully ignorant?

Drunk and stupid is no way to get though life, kids.

Black said staff members were working to reschedule the event, and she said they had contact information for the people who had registered.

She also said that in the last week staff members had tried to notify people who had registered to attend the event about the change.

salad 7 years ago

Credit to Lynn Jenkins (R) for having a PUBLIC forum at the Dole center. Why can't her Washington bigwigs step-up???

absolutelyridiculous 7 years ago

By the shear numbers, the people ARE speaking...looks like Dennis is NOT listening. Moore, you are a coward...and up for reelection. One day you are in, one day you are out...Auf Wiedersehen.

Bob_Keeshan 7 years ago

Tom, paying down the national debt was happening prior to 2001.

Remember what happened in 2001? Instead of paying down the national debt, we cut taxes for the highest earners.

Can't have it both ways, Tom.

staff04 7 years ago

Wow Tom. Five fringe media sources. *facepalm

tym4fun 7 years ago

Dodged another one eh Dennis. Only a few more weeks and then you're safe. We all know despite what you say the first time Nancy tells you how to vote you will do it. 98% of the time. Blue dog what a joke

Bobo Fleming 7 years ago

Smug dennis. Cocky dennis. No Dem should be smug or cocky in Kansas. The Reps were split between the yahoo right wing and the moderates and that helped Moore but they are united now. Look out Mr. Smug.

puddleglum 7 years ago

We can't even operate the US mail in the black anymore -tom did you mean 'male'? isn't this a racist comment?

ralphralph 7 years ago

Dennis can't stand the heat of a kitchen full of anyone but his own supporters. The people of his Congr. District need to take note of this and start contacting him, politely but firmly, to insist that he meet with them and address their concerns.

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

"What other service will deliver a letter anywhere in the country for 44 cents? Not UPS or FedEx, that's for sure." Doesn't the USPS have a protected monopoly on non-urgent first-class mail?

NoSpin 7 years ago

Does Moore support the House bill or not? He may be stuck between a rock and a hard place. He will have extreme Liberal pressure to vote for it and local pressure(The People) pressuring him to do what they want him to do(vote No!). Are we not a representative democracy? Anyway, vote for it and enjoy family life again.

63BC 7 years ago


He waits the entire month, then has one event and is surprised because 'too many' people show up.

Perhaps having several would have alleviated that problem.


MyName 7 years ago

It's good all the bright lights on this message board are here to explain the true meaning of the event.

There's no way he could possibly be trying to have an event that: 1) allowed everyone who wanted to attend to be there and, 2) didn't break the law. I mean, he's an elected official, he shouldn't have to worry about breaking the law. He should be just like Bush and Cheney and have someone write a legal interpretation showing that fire codes are "more like guidelines, than actual laws".

And anonymous posters calling a public official "cowardly" or "gutless". Classy move there.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Our legislators are also meeting with special interest money connections which likely get time no matter what.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

"Did any of you read this article?"


"Or are you simply willfully ignorant?"


LogicMan 7 years ago

"Dennis the chicken!"

Dennis, the former congressperson from Kansas, if he keeps this up, or votes for a lousy bill. Out he goes at the next election, either by a moderate, populist Democratic challenger, or almost any Republican with a pulse.

quik 7 years ago

Dennis Moore has been phoning it in for awhile now. I wish he would have quit and left rather than quit and stayed. I did catch one of his rare media interviews just before the November elections. He was not up on any of the issues, seemed put out to even have to show up for the interview and had never heard of the Fairness Doctrine. We need to stay on him. If he keeps going like this, I'll vote for someone else no matter who it is.

pace 7 years ago

With the GOP encouraging dissidents to take guns to health care discussion meeting I think security, for not just Moore but the citizen who attend with legitimate issues, should be the first consideration. There are really too many nuts out there and if one loon goes off than maybe someone else gets going and there is cross fire. I think he should have just capped the meeting at capacity and schedule another meeting for those who did not sign up in time. the extra crowd, might of been a little sneaky pete to thwart efforts to keep the meetings safe, encouraging the hurly burly out to shout out the dialogue.

BigPrune 7 years ago

Note: "Black said staff members were working to reschedule the event, and she said they had contact information for the people who had registered."

I wonder if the vast majority of the people invited back are the ones they cross reference in their data base as registered "Democrat?"

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