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October 31, 2009


Lawrence Boy Scout Troop 52, chartered by the Lawrence First United Methodist Church, held its Court of Honor on Sept. 29. Scouts earning ranks, badges and awards were:

Eagle Scout: Brendan Golledge.

Citizenship in the World: Brendan Golledge.

Environmental Science: Brendan Golledge and Gavin Spence.

Family Life: Brendan Golledge and Stefan Kuczera.

Personal Fitness: Brendan Golledge.

Junior Leader Training: Brendan Golledge, Thomas Peterson, Gavin Spence, Jack Arnett, Eric Long, Robert Newman, Elias Schneck, Garrett Weeks, Nathan Weeks and Dakota Zinn.

World Conservation: Brendan Golledge.

Life Scout: Thomas Peterson.

Lifesaving: Thomas Peterson, Eric Long, Drew Sheppard and Dakota Zinn.

Ad Altari Dei Religious Award: Thomas Peterson.

Star Scout: Gavin Spence.

Climbing: Gavin Spence, Andrew Denny, Vail Moshiri, Garrett Weeks and Dakota Zinn.

12-Month Camper: Gavin Spence.

Order of the Arrow Ordeal: Gavin Spence, Vail Moshiri, Elias Schneck, Drew Sheppard, Dakota Zinn and Bryan Spence.

Brownsea II: Gavin Spence.

Tenderfoot Scout: Jack Arnett, Joseph Cary, Lawrence Chen, Jake DeLaTorre, Samuel Goodwin, Benjamen LaRocque, Joseph Mann and James Messer.

Basketry: Jack Arnett, Joseph Cary, Benjamen LaRocque, Joseph Mann and James Messer.

Leatherwork: Jack Arnett, Benjamen LaRocque and Joseph Mann.

Fireman Chit: Jack Arnett, Joseph Cary, Jake DeLaTorre, Samuel Goodwin, Benjamen LaRocque, Joseph Mann and James Messer.

Totin’ Chip: Jack Arnett, Joseph Cary, Jake DeLaTorre, Samuel Goodwin, Benjamen LaRocque, Joseph Mann and James Messer.

Citizenship in the Nation: Thomas Peterson, Gavin Spence, Joseph Cary and Elias Schneck.

Wood Carving: Stefan Kuczera.

Personal Management: Eric Long.

Dentistry: Robert Newman.

Public Speaking: Robert Newman.

Rifle Shooting: Robert Newman.

Swimming: Robert Newman and Elias Schneck.

Shotgun: Drew Sheppard and Dakota Zinn.

Religious Award: Dakota Zinn.

Lawrence Boy Scout Troop 52, also attended the “Flint Hills Technical College Merit Badge University” Oct. 17 in Emporia. The one-day event offered 17 different merit badges, of which six are required for Eagle. There was also a “Fast Start First” program which helped newer Scouts earn their First Class rank. Attending Scouts were required to complete required pre-requisites, and turn them in at the start of their merit badge class. Scouts had the opportunity to earn as many as two merit badges.

Merit badges earned were:

Graphic Arts: Ben LaRoque.

Fishing: Joseph Mann.

Citizenship in the Community: Thomas Peterson and Gavin Spence.

Citizenship in the World: Thomas Peterson, Elias Schneck, Drew Sheppard, Gavin Spence and Dakota Zinn.

Emergency Preparedness: Elias Schneck.

Citizenship in the Nation: Drew Sheppard and Dakota Zinn.

Automotive Maintenance: Garrett Weeks.

Fingerprinting: Nathan Weeks.

Genealogy: Nathan Weeks.

Adults attending were Marlon Schneck, Kent Peterson and Rod Zinn.

Pack 3059 held its annual Rain Gutter Regatta on Oct. 23 with 31 boats registered. The results were: Xavier Hilbert, first; Treyton Trujillo, second; Kalen Ramer, third; and Chris Geiss, fourth. The Pack leaders voted the Sportsman medal to Evan Nellis.


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