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U.S. economy finally begins growing again

October 30, 2009


— After a record four straight losing quarters, the economy finally grew again. It was hardly a boom, and it was almost all due to government spending. But it was enough to change the question from when the recession will end to whether the recovery will hold.

Unlike past rebounds that were driven by the spending of everyday Americans, this one appears to hinge on spending by businesses, foreigners and the government.

The economy grew at an annual rate of 3.5 percent from July through September, the government said Thursday. But the government help is only temporary, and without it, consumer spending is likely to weaken.


Richard Heckler 8 years, 4 months ago

No other nation in the world has the ability to take over the USA by military power?

Why do americans support USA military occupation of other countries?

Would americans welcome military occupation of the USA by another foreign military super power?

Would americans support the mass killing of our families by another foreign super power? Millions of innocent people have died since the mideast invasion began including close to 6,000 of our own soldiers. WHY?

Ten's of thousands of our soldiers have become disabled since the mideast invasion began which is no fun for them or their families. The estimated cost to support these unfortunate families for the next 40 -50 years is 4 trillion dollars.

Isn't it time to bring the troops home to their families and devote war dollars toward rebuilding our nations economy,create new industry and put 20 million people back to work making money instead of making war?

Do we want to bury the USA in arrogance and debt to other governments?

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