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25 years ago: Police ask for public’s help in reporting flashers

October 21, 2009


Despite rains, there were big turnouts for the annual Baldwin Maple Leaf Festival. Car lines were long and parking at a premium for the huge turnout.

Al Negen took over as director of the newly reopened McConnell Youth Ranch after doing work with troubled youths in Colorado and Minnesota. He said he was optimistic about what the ranch could accomplish in helping youngsters become solid citizens with good careers.

Police asked for more public support in reporting of sexual exhibitionists, who had been fairly prevalent on the local scene of late. Officers said quick calls to the police could do much to capture the flashers and get them out of circulation. Police said that generally only one or two such people were operating in an area and that quick arrests could eliminate the problem in a hurry.

The Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism was lauded by a numbr of former clients as it headed for its 10th anniversary meeting.


Practicality 8 years, 8 months ago


Were you ever caught for this crime?

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