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Heavy topic: Girth of candidate an issue

October 17, 2009


— There are weighty issues in New Jersey’s tight race for governor — the highest property taxes in the nation, for one thing. And then there are issues of weight.

Republican challenger Chris Christie’s Henry VIII-like girth has become a front-and-center topic of discussion ever since Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine ran a commercial claiming that Christie “threw his weight around” to get out of traffic violations.

The ad, first aired last month, showed a clip of a rotund Christie, his extra pounds rolling beneath his shirt, lumbering out of the back seat of an SUV.

Corzine spokesman Sean Darcy insisted the governor “has no interest in Chris Christie’s appearance.”

But Corzine, a trim 62-year-old who has been running 5K races around the state to demonstrate his fitness, has not exactly tried to squelch use of the f-word. When asked by a newspaper whether he thought Christie was fat, Corzine touched his bare pate and responded, “Am I bald?”

There is little evidence the commercial is changing many voters’ minds, but it has been a sensation online, getting more than 100,000 hits on YouTube — way more than any other ad in the race.


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