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Pedestrian remains hospitalized at KU

An 84-year-old man hit by a car on Sixth Street last week is still in the hospital.

October 15, 2009


An 84-year-old Lawrence man remains hospitalized at Kansas University Hospital in Kansas City, Kan., after he was struck crossing Sixth Street last week.

According to a Lawrence police accident report, Wesley H. Layton suffered a small laceration on the back of his head and a broken left leg. He was transferred to KU Hospital from Lawrence Memorial Hospital after the accident at noon last Thursday.

A KU Hospital spokesman said Wednesday afternoon that an update on his condition was unavailable because of the hospital’s privacy policy. Layton’s stepdaughter Shirley Perdue said Layton, a resident of Babcock Place, was in stable condition.

Police said Layton was ticketed for crossing Sixth Street near Colorado Street, where there is no crosswalk. He was struck by an eastbound car, and witnesses said the driver of the car, 82-year-old Ulis D. Sanders of Lawrence, tried to stop. It was also raining during the accident.


Mike Wagner 8 years, 2 months ago

The guy almost gets killed trying to cross a street where there should probably be a crosswalk, and the wonderful city of Lawrence gives him a ticket??? I think after a certain age drivers should have to take a in car driving test every couple years to keep their license. It's my bet this lady should not still be driving.

LA_Ex 8 years, 2 months ago

They guy was crossing the street illegally and you want to blame the guy driving? Sucks that he got hit, but that is why crosswalks are there. He didn't deserve to get hit and I hope he recovers, but he certainly deserves the ticket. Crosswalks are at every light along 6th street. If you think a crosswalk needs to be there, then you will most likely complain when you find out the city has to put a light there.

MeAndFannieLou 8 years, 2 months ago

I'd be Ok with always going to marked crossings if motorists would do their part and yield, especially drivers who are turning - they're often not even looking in the direction they're about to turn. Sometimes it's tempting to cross in the middle of the street because you don't have to deal with turning traffic.

LA_Ex 8 years, 2 months ago

I guess we need to put stop lights at every intersection so Seamus can cross the street. Get real. It's against the law to jaywalk. You want to know why? Because people are stupid and will try to cross 5 lanes of traffic on a busy street. I'm in shape and in my 30's and I still wouldn't attempt that.
Why? Because it's a stupid idea. Society has to create laws because people lack common sense.

jafs 8 years, 2 months ago

I would imagine that both parties would be legally at fault.

The pedestrian was crossing in the middle of the road, which is wrong.

The driver should have been able to see him and avoid hitting him in most situations, I would think.

BMI 8 years, 2 months ago

This is unclear. The article states he was ticketed for crossing where there is no crosswalk. Later comments state there is a crosswalk 4 blocks away, inferring that you can only cross in a 'marked crosswalk'.

Just what are the laws? Do the police mean a 'marked cross walk' or an allowed crossing area?

I was under the impression from back in my day, that a person was allowed to cross legally at any intersection with or without a crosswalk, being sensible of course.

It was recommended to use a nearby crosswalk if there was one, but some people cannot do so. Too far, not accessible, not safe to do so.

But I recall nothing that said you may not cross "without a marked crosswalk" at an intersection. Would that not mean nearly every intersection in town? Does your neighborhood intersection have a marked crosswalk on every corner?

Was his man at an intersection, or was he in fact walking in the middle of the block? Is there some special rule because it is a certain highway?

Is is illegal to cross at each intersection along 6th street (and every other street in this town) that does not have a marked intersection?

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